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Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Harry Reid: 5 African Americans Who I Would Vote For Regardless of Skin Color

Over the weekend, it emerged that Harry Reid had privately made very offensive and racial comments about Obama's skin color in 2008: "He was wowed by Obama's oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama -- a 'light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,' as he said privately."

Well Senator Reid, I'm offended as a voting American that your opinion of me is so low. I am outraged that you believe I am so racist that I would care how dark or light a candidate's skin is. You don't just owe Mr. Obama an apology. You owe me one- and every other voting American. Just to show you that I am in fact not as racist as you think, here is a list of five African Americans who I would love to be president of the United States, regardless of their skin color:

1. Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a brilliant economist and libertarian thinker who understands that the world's people should be free people, unencumbered by the perverse incentives and fiscal burdens of government regulation and central planning. Listen to him explain the economic folly of welfare statism:

2. Clarence Thomas

One of the Supreme Court's most strict constructionist judges (i.e. he believes in doing what the Constitution says), Justice Clarence Thomas also acknowledges some libertarian leanings. He understands that our Founding Fathers designed and intended for the Constitution to be a restraint- not a blank check- on Federal power.

3. Walter E. Williams

Walter E. Williams is a libertarian professor of economics at George Mason University. He believes in a free market, not a centrally planned economy. He believes in the states' right of nullification and secession. He is a voluntaryist and has gone on the record supporting the libertarian Free State Project. Listen to him explain why the government's good intentions usually just get in the way:

4. Janice Rogers Brown

A Federal judge on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, Janice Rogers Brown is a strict proponent of property rights and an enemy of collectivism, which she describes in very Randian terms as "slavery to the tribe." In her speeches, she casually throws around buzz-words like "leviathan" which is a pejorative for government used pretty exclusively in libertarian literature. I would absolutely prefer her Presidency to Mr. Obama's.

5. John Monds

According to the Independent Political Report: "John Monds, an African-American Libertarian, is arguably the biggest rising star in the Libertarian party right now. In the 2008 race for Public Service Commission, District 1, Monds collected over one million votes, the highest amount of votes for a Libertarian candidate, not just in Georgia, but in the history of the United States." His slogan is "Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, More Opportunities." Not only would he make a fine Governor of Georgia- I would prefer a John Monds Presidency to that of Barack Obama's.


  1. Wes, I love this, you absolutely hit the nail on the head with who I would think of when it comes to supporting a black American for President. Although, I am not familiar with John Monds....

  2. Great list. Not familiar with John Monds, but expect to be shortly.

    My list would also include Ward Connerly.

  3. Thanks Rebel!

    Anonymous: Interesting. I hadn't heard of Connerly, but did some looking around, and he sure is intriguing! I like that he leans libertarian.

  4. Greetings All,

    You don't get to run John Monds for President until after he finishes his first term as Governor of the Great State of Georgia. John is as capable a politician as there is and the Libertarian Party of Georgia is proud to have him as it's standard bearer for the November elections this year. We believe that his efforts in the Governors race will result in the transformation of the Georgia Libertarian Party from a "Political Body" into a full fledged Political Party in accordance with Georgia law. He is a great candidate and a great guy who deserves all the support you can send him. Vote for Lower Taxes, Smaller Government and More Freedom! Vote for John Monds for Governor!

  5. I think it's thrilling to see the Libertarian Party poised for such a huge electoral win. Monds is a true patriot and I wish him all the best.