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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ask Bonnie: 2012 Predictions

Photo: Gary Johnson, former Gov. (R) of New Mexico | Author: Gage Skidmore

Bonnie Kristian, the blogger in chief at Young Americans for Liberty, has recently started a new website at, which she describes thusly:

This blog’s primary purpose is to be a sort of political advice column. Like Dear Abby, but for politics. It’s a new idea which may prove smart quickly, slowly, or not at all, so expect to see a varying proportion of posts which don’t match the advice column format. If you have a question you’d like addressed – about current events, political philosophy, civic history, or some other politics-related topic – use the contact form at the bottom of the page to submit it!

Taking Miss Kristian up on her offer, I submitted the following question:

Q. My question is two-fold (er- sort of two-and-a-half fold): I understand that it’s a little early, but 1. Who do you think the GOP will nominate in 2012, and 2. who do you think the GOP *should* nominate in 2012 (and 2b. what do you think of Republican Governor Gary Johnson)? — Wes from Nashville, TN.

You can read her answer here.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, do feel free to answer my "sort of two-and-a-half fold" question in the comment thread below...


  1. Good to see Bonnie doing this and hopefully her little experiment in political Abbiness goes well. I found her through YAL IUB and then more through THL. My thanks to both organizations for that introduction.

    On your question Wes I have to answer simply with 'the wrong person'.

    The GOP will nominate someone too far right. By this I mean that there is a hard edged movement to the conservative right right now and the push will be for that. Unfortunately I don't think the majority of Americans will go for that. Reason being they are still burned by the Bush admin and anything right wing and republican. This will be revisited by the Obama campaign when he runs in 2012, and you know he will.

    The 2012 campaign will be rough because the left has plenty of ammo against the right from eight years of this and that. While we see Obama isn't much better the majority of Americans don't pick up enough books or do enough research into politicians and current political happenings. They see what the campaign commercials tell them. What snippets of mainstream media fill them in on will be negative against the right.

    I don't see Dr. Paul getting the nomination for the GOP. They will go as I foresee and for the forseen reasoning I gave. Whomever it is they will be cookie cutter in design and not for the liberty we seek. Problem is with most people they vote party not principle. If they would merely vote their monds we'd see a much different country.

    How I'd like to see is Paul and Johnson. Either or or both. Hopefully we can get word out heavily and educate folks enough to know these candidates. Face time is invaluable so the more we say the names, the more we show the faces, the better their chances.

  2. Oh and btw in case you or anyone missed it Politico has an article on Ron Paul getting caught in a Tea Party backlash. I'd check it out and perhaps comment if I were you.

  3. In a perfect world Dr Paul would come out and support Gov Johnson right now. As much as I'd love RP to be president, he'll be 77 in 2012, and that will play against him. That leave us with Johnson as the best libertarian candidate.

    Check out Gov Johnson at CPAC

  4. Thanks for the link Chris

  5. Yes I am definitely posting that link, Chris.