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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Barack Obama's Perpetual Campaign

Remember President Obama's State of the Union Address just last month? The one in which he said "But what frustrates the American people, is a Washington where every day is election day. We can't wage a perpetual campaign..." (video below)

As we have come to expect from this administration, those were just cozy words to excite the electorate and boost Obama's poll numbers. Because we have it from The Politico today (via: Memeorandum), that the White House is already quietly laying the groundwork for its 2012 run. That's right- they're already in campaign mode for an election three years from now:

"President Barack Obama’s top advisers are quietly laying the groundwork for the 2012 reelection campaign, which is likely to be run out of Chicago and managed by White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, according to Democrats familiar with the discussions.

The planning for now consists entirely of private conversations, with Obama aides at all levels indulging occasionally in closed-door 2012 discussions while focusing ferociously on the midterm elections and health care reform, the Democratic sources said. “The gathering storm is the 2010 elections,” one top official said.

But the sources said Obama has given every sign of planning to run again and wants the next campaign to resemble the highly successful 2008 effort."

Now, I know, I know- I should give him a break. These talks are preliminary. He's spending way more time on the Democrats' health bill. Of course he's considering a second run in the meantime. The actual campaign won't open until a year from now after the mid-terms at the same time our past two presidents started their re-election bids. Blah, blah, blah...

That's exactly my point. He's no different than either of his predecessors. We have not gotten any substantive change from this guy, just a lot of rhetoric. If he's still in campaign mode and already planning for 2012, whatever. But don't get up in front of Congress and everybody, and say that "we can't wage a perpetual campaign" when that's exactly what you do every day, Mr. President.

This is why people don't trust you or take you seriously. This is why your poll numbers are steadily dropping. We keep hearing one thing from you and getting another. If I were a liberal Democrat, I would feel pretty freaking used right now.