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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bloom Box and Energy Entrepreneurship

Republican Governor Gary Johnson's advocacy group Our America Initiative is starting to gain steam by putting some fantastic ideas out there and helping Americans to understand that good government is easy!

I am proud to announce that I will start making regular contributions to the Our America Initiative blog and am honored to be a part of what I hope will be an historic initiative to restore America to its former greatness by restoring her freedoms.

The following is an excerpt from my first blog post at Our American Initiative:

One important question for our era is: How do we create clean, affordable, renewable energy? It would seem that Silicon Valley engineer, K.R. Sridhar has found an answer to that question, the Bloom Box. With its dazzling premiere on 60 minutes Sunday evening, the Bloom Box is making a big splash on the Internet as the next best solution to our energy needs. It’s a small fuel cell that produces a lot of energy, allowing its users to unplug from the power grid and cheaply generate energy themselves.


Innovators like K.R. Sridhar and his company, Bloom Energy, offer a better alternative. Instead of limiting our environmental impact in a way that hurts the finances of American households and businesses, energy entrepreneurs seek to limit our environmental impact by creating value for Americans. The beauty of energy efficiency is that it needs no directive from a government central planner, because energy efficiency is cost efficiency, and Americans already have an incentive to cut costs. In the end, it will be people like you and me who want to save money in our homes and small businesses that will drive a true and lasting revolution in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Be sure to read the whole thing here, and while you're there, peruse the site and check out some of Governor Johnson's positions on other political issues.

And please, please, please do three quick things right this instant (it'll take less than five minutes, probably less than two): 1) Become a Fan of Gary Johnson's Facebook Page, 2) Follow Gary Johnson's Twitter account, and 3) Subscribe to Gary Johnson's YouTube Channel.


  1. Wes Congrats on the position and I wish you the best. Your blogs are insightful and intelligent and I get alot from them as one of the top sites I visit. I also enjoy Gary Johnsons site and ideas and very much look forward to more from him. If anyone needs elected to office, beit Congress or the WH, its him. Hmm...Paul/Johnson for 2012?

    I'll also be looking into this Bloom thing too, thanks for the heads up.

    Oh and...might I throw a shout out and direct your attention to the Young Americans for Liberty on Indiana University Campus. They held a vigil to the death of the Dollar last year and seem to be doing a great job educating people in Libertarian ways.

  2. Thanks so much, Sie. And oh yes- I know all about YAL. Keep your eye out for some cool announcements about my involvement with YAL very soon. They do outstanding work.