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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bush Billboard: Miss Me Yet? (Pic)

The photo above is of a "Bush" billboard in Minnesota which has the Internet abuzz today. The Bush billboard has a picture of former President George W. Bush and the caption, "Miss me yet?"

"Miss me yet?" How could I, Mr. Bush?

Powerlineblog actually remarks "...the sentiment is one that is more widely shared by Americans every day." Seriously? I sure hope not. For one thing, it's hard for me to miss George W. Bush, because I hadn't realized he'd left. The deficits keep growing (like they did under Bush's administration), the open-ended nation-building commitments keep raging (like they did under Bush), and the welfare state keeps growing (like it did under Bush).

If you ask me, the Bush Administration just went into overdrive. How could I miss Bush? I'm getting sicker of him every day! If Powerlineblog is correct and many Americans are starting to miss Bush, that's a very ominous sign. If they are actually ready to replace Mr. Obama with another Bush, our country will only get worse.

Bush Billboard Has Strange Timing

The timing of all this is interesting, because another big headline today is from the Wall Street Journal, "Bush Was Right, Says Obama" (h.t. Memeorandum): "This weekend, Americans were treated to something new: Barack Obama defending his war policies by suggesting they merely continue his predecessor's practices."

Did you read that right? How can we miss Bush when the sitting President even acknowledges that he's simply acting as Bush would (i.e. recklessly running up our deficit to send tens of thousands more of our finest young men and women to fight in a civil war between different ethnic tribes in Afghanistan while the real enemy- terrorists- manage to successfully shoot U.S. soldiers in Fort Hood and board inbound planes with explosives).

Parting thoughts on the Bush Billboard

Americans would do well to remember that the children of Israel missed their days of slavery back in Egypt ("at least we had fresh fruit to eat in Egypt..."). They had a short memory, and so do you America. Wake up, be tough, and stand strong against the abuse and slavery you suffer from the corrupt establishment in Washington. Do not pine for Egypt. (Which is not to say that President Obama is leading us into the Promised Land by any stretch of the imagination!)

Asks the Bush Billboard: "Miss me yet?" Replies the wise patriot: "Not even close!"


  1. I do miss Bush very much, and not for his spending spree, but rather for his morality on social issues. He is far different and a better man than Obama. Obama has accelerated the debt that Bush started. But, honestly, while I don't agree with the bank bailout, or other bailouts, I do realize that Bush tried to stop the financial train wreck before it started, but the Democrats claimed everything with Fannie and Freddie was okay because they wanted to continue getting kickbacks from the companies. Plus, Democrats are the ones that put governmental policies in place to force banks to lend to people of lower income that they knew couldn't repay mortgage loans. Organizations like ACORN and the government threatened bank CEO's and their families and forced banks to loan out the money when they really didn't want to take the risk. I am sure that some bank CEO's were greedy but I don't think that they were in the majority. And, yes, I wish Republicans had spines and stood up and said NO to the bailouts but I also understand the reasons behind the bank bailouts, unlike the car bailouts, Goldman Sachs, and AIG.

  2. The thing to remember is Bush signed the Goldman Sachs and AIG bailouts, and also unilaterally created the auto bailouts by unconstitutionally and illegally extending billions of dollars from the TARP bill, which specifically said that money was only supposed to go to financial institutions. We covered it here at THL in December of 2008. It was his last big middle finger to America.

    But let's think about the wars for a second. Would it be so hard to believe that the wars are really just "a bailout" for Boeing and other big companies that profit from it? It's just a transfer of money from your pocket to theirs. To keep us safe? The government could have done just a few simple things to keep us safe from the Ft. Hood shooter and the Underwear bomber. It's not about keeping us safe- it's just more bailouts for corporate interests.

    Conservatives have been so fixated on "the welfare queen" that they've missed the worst and most costly kind of welfare of all- corporate welfare.

  3. If you ask me, the Bush Administration just went into overdrive.

    Spot on. Bullseye. Rem acu tetigisti. Wish I'd said that.

  4. You can say that! Please do repeat it as often as you can- this country needs to hear it.

  5. And yet the libertarians, teabaggers, and Rushies carry signs calling Obama a Socialist.

    You can't have it both ways.

  6. I'm sorry- I'm confused by your comment. Could you elaborate?