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Monday, February 1, 2010

Figure Skater Johnny Weir Receives Death Threats from Animal Rights Activists

H.T. for the photo:

From Olympics Fanhouse:
In Wake of Threats, Johnny Weir Goes From Fox to Faux

Animal rights groups can leave Johnny Weir alone now.

Weir will replace the fox on his costume with faux fur after receiving "hate mail and death threats" from animal rights activists, agent Tara Modlin said Thursday.

"He's changing it because he needs to focus on skating," she said.

To non-violent, peace-loving animal rights activists, let me say that I disagree with you that animals have rights (the assertion is actually incomprehensible to my conception of rights), but that I appreciate your earnestness and respect you for finding creative, humorous, and non-violent ways to spread your message and advocate for your cause.

To the violent ones that send people death threats and destroy people's property- let me ask how that is consistent with your non-violent philosophy toward animals? So violence toward animals is bad, but threatening violence to human beings is okay? Behavior like this makes it really easy to separate true believers from violent nuts.

Far be it from me to try and characterize everyone by the actions of a few (as tempting as it may be). Every group has its members that it is not so proud of. Take the pro-life movement for instance. While most would never dream of brandishing a firearm against an abortionist doctor, there are those one or two who make headlines for gunning down a doctor.

But notice how every time it happens, every major pro-life group in the country sends out press releases disavowing violence in the name of the pro-life cause and condemning the "pro-life" killer? I'm bothered that Peta's blog post about Johnny Weir, makes no mention of the violent threats that came along with Peta's professional requests, much less a condemnation.

You folks have to police your own movement and throw the violent nutjobs under the bus (not literally- that would make you violent) as loudly and publicly as possible to maintain your legitimacy and keep militancy on the fringe where it belongs (or better yet, altogether removed from anyone's thoughts).


  1. Oh, please. It was Friends of Animals, not PeTA who wrote the Open Letter to Johnny Weir
    which asked him to shun fur, and it's Arctic foxes who gain from his statement last week that he wouldn't use real fur on his outfit at the Olympics. When pressed for evidence that Friends of Animals threatend Weir, his publicist admitted to a reporter for the New York Times in Saturday's paper on Jan. 31, 2010 that she held NONE. She erased it, she said. Hardly convincing as people file police reports when they're threatened.They back up their allegations.Her claim was designed to censor Friends of Animals and to distract the public from Weir's making fun of the suffering of animals who are consumed for the frivolous fashion trade, and whose lives are sacrificed so he could wear little tufts of fox fur on his outfit. The publicist lied.

    Friends of Animals applauds Johnny Weir's decision -- and the freedom of the Arctic foxes.

    Priscilla Feral, President
    Friends of Animals
    777 Post Road
    Darien, CT 06820

  2. PETA has also been in touch with Weir's people about the fox fur as it states in the article I linked to and on PETA's blog. Please link me to the NYTs article you reference because I'd be glad to publish an update to this story calling the agent's claim into question.

    While the Arctic Fox does gain from Weir's decision, hundreds of disenfranchised rabbits, lemmings, and all the other small birds and rodents that Arctic foxes rip to shreds and eat daily have suffered a major setback. Don't they have rights too? Aren't you also their friends?

  3. Great post!! It is a shame how groups like PETA don't disavow the violence committed in the name of animals. Pro-life groups do go out of their way to denounce it when an unfortunate event happens. Its a shame the PETA and their ilk put animals rights above humans.

  4. I didn't see any threats of violence to Mr Weir on any stories that you linked to.

    I belong to MEATA (men eating all types of animals).

    As far as pro-life groups go... Randall Terry is a prick. What did he have to say about the abortion doctor's murder?

  5. "The blood of these babies slain by Tiller is crying for vengeance,"

    so much for 'pro-life' groups denouncing these' unfortunate events'

  6. Teresa- exactly. If someone's wrong, I can handle that. We can disagree and that's fine. But when someone's a total hypocrite, it really agitates me. That's what bothers me so much about President Obama. I'd much prefer President Howard Dean to President Barack Obama.

    Todd- The first article I linked to wrote that according to Weir's agent, he received death threats for wearing the fur.

    As for Terry- you are using him to make an inaccurate sweeping generalization about the pro-life movement.

  7. I like death threats that get reported to the police... it seems they were more worried about 'disruptions' during his performance.

    terry is a LEADER of a pro-life group. A mainstream pro-life group. Spitz is the 'fringe' pro-lifer.

    if you want to discuss 'groups' denouncing violence done on behalf of their 'cause', that is cool. terry is a leader of one of those groups, let's denounce Operation Rescue. (they've murdered more than one doctor, and they keep putting out these 'wanted posters' on doctors, and then, surprise, surprise, these doctors wind up getting murdered.

    if you want to denounce PETA, I am cool with that also, but you may not want to 'walk me by' a dead abortion doctor to do it.

    As for 'inaccurate, sweeping generalizations' well - Operation Rescue, the Army of God, Human life International are all pro-life groups whose members have murdered for their cause. If you want to discuss PETA's ability to 'police thier own' like the 'pro-life' movement does, well see above.

    maybe they should call themselves 'pro-fetus' - that at least would remove the hypocricy from their 'pro-life' stance.

  8. shorter comment:

    if you want to discuss groups policing their murderous 'fringe' - you may want to leave the pro-life movement out of the conversation.

    PETA is screwed up enough on their own, no need to benchmark them against anyone.