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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is The Tea Party Just White People?

Resoundingly- NO! There are all kinds of minorities at the Tea Parties, which gives lie to the claim that the tea parties are racist or that the tea parties are some kind of white supremacy group angry about America's first black President, Mr. Obama.

Want proof? Glenn Reynolds has it, a video montage of quite a few black people at Tea Parties across the country. After watching it, Chris Matthews exclaimed that for a few minutes, he forgot they were black! Here it is:


  1. According to Glenn Beck it is all old white people....

    Thats what he said on the show today...

  2. Well I don't know the context because I seldom watch his show, including today.

  3. Well first we were rich, then we were old, then we were toothless, then we were racists,but since nothing stuck, now THEY are in a panic.

  4. Anons correct. I have never heard Glenn refer to the Tea Party movement as including only white individuals. I think that's one reason he had two shows highlighting black conservatives. That's a great video! My mom told me about it. And then I posted it.

  5. Anonymous- let's stay vigilant, they are still trying hard to make the racist thing stick (oh yeah, and terrorist now too).

    Teresa- Yeah, awesome video, huh? Totally "black history month" appropriate too.