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Friday, February 26, 2010

Losing Faith in Barack Obama

This says it all. THL reader, Mike left this comment on a recent critique I wrote of Barack Obama's broken lobbyist promises. I wonder how many Obama supporters are starting to feel this way:

I was an unabashed supporter of Obama, but that ended a couple months ago. For me the last straw was the announcement at West Point of the Afghanistan buildup, which ironically was not a broken promise, but combined with everything else, that was it for me.

I've returned to a very cynical attitude towards politicians in general, including Obama. I think he's a puppet for the Military Industrial Complex, the Insurance companies and the Banks.

Dear Mike,

Thanks for being willing to admit what's before your very eyes, that Obama is doing the opposite of what he said he would. This shows that you're not blindly clinging to the "idea of Obama" or a campaign that I'm sure felt really, really good for Democrats.

It shows you really want what's best for our country, you really expected Obama to deliver the kind of change we needed, and you're willing to take him to task for going back on his word.

Many political commentators and news junkies are just partisans drinking the Kool-Aid, but you sir, are a true patriot.


PS: Afghanistan may not have been a broken promise, but Obama did very consciously ride a wave of anti-war sentiment right into the White House. As an anti-war guy myself, if I had voted for him, I would feel pretty lied to right now.


  1. Wes, your assertion that Obama was the ant-war candidate and campaigned as such is false. I invite you to view any number of the debates btw. the current president and sen McCain on issues of war, especially regarding the war in Afghanistan. On the issue of whether or not the U.S. should take out terrorists in the mountains of Pakistan, the president was repeatedly criticized by McCain for his blindly militant approach.

    Obama opposed the war in Iraq. Sure, he gained political capital from this position as that particular war is extremely unpopular amongst the American people. However, this stuff about him being anti-war is complete and utter non-sense.

    "part of the reason we have such a bad situation in the first place is because we made a bad judgement going into Iraq before we had finished the job of hunting down Bin Laden and crushing al-Qaeda..." "Part of the reason I think it is important to end the war in Iraq is to get more troops into Afghanistan, put more pressure on the Afghan government to do what it needs to do..." Go to the link bellow, watch the video, and then revise this post to reflect facts and not emotive (uninformed) opinions.

    Sure, criticize the president for things he has done wrong, his general political perspective, or issues he has gone back on (particularly former lobbyists in the white house). But stop this non-sense. Barack Obama was never anti-war, has never taken this position, and will not govern as such.

  2. Carson: You're correct. After combing through his statements, I could not find any smoking guns like those I alluded to. Per your request, I've modified the text of the post, but I do hope you'll give me credit for saying "I bet..." and not making an actual assertion that I couldn't substantiate. The original text is below and what I've left in the post script is what I'll stand by.

    "I bet if I dug up some past Obama quotes and promises, that his Afghanistan troop surge did violate earlier time tables he had set and perhaps other promises he had made."