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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Me Yet? Bush Billboard Merch

Get your t-shirt or bumper sticker here.

My photoshop of the "Miss me yet?" Bush billboard has gotten a lot of attention in the blogosphere (thanks, Michelle!) and I keep seeing comments like this:

"I wish someone with enough money would actually put up a billboard like that on the beltway in D.C." (source)

"What do you say to pooling our money and putting up that Constitutional billboard in D.C.?" (source)

"WOW. Me too! How can we make it happen? I’m definitely in." (source)

"I’ll pitch in to put one up!" (source)

"I would too." (source)

"...that would be genius plastered all over the country!" (source)

Well I'd love to put up a billboard like that, but unfortunately I can't just print up money like the government whenever I want to pay for something, so if you want to take the message out to the streets without breaking the bank, get your "Miss Me Yet?" Constitution Merchandise today, and remind this country what it's missing.

Thanks so much for helping spread this meme: Left Coast Rebel, The Union News, Daily Danet, Freedom Fighter's Journal, Pixie Place, What We Think and Why, American Digest, Radio Vice Online, The Camp of the Saints, and if I missed you- let me know! There's always plenty of love to go around.

With Liberty Love,
Wes Messamore

PS: I would like to see this kind of honesty out of the Democrats about Obama's lackluster (to say the least) administration. The conservative blogosphere has resoundingly proven wrong the Democrats' claim that they are a bunch of partisan hacks.

It's not Bush they miss, or a Republican in office- it's the Constitution, it's our liberties, it's the rule-of-law. And if Democrats earnestly miss civil liberties, transparency, and a more humble foreign policy- they had better start speaking up, because they're not getting any of it from Obama.


  1. > The conservative blogosphere has
    > resoundingly proven wrong the Democrats'
    > claim that they are a bunch of partisan hacks.
    > It's not Bush they miss, or a Republican
    > in office...

    I'm not sure how you come to that conclusion.

    There's an old saying that "you can best judge
    a man's character by the things he chooses to do when there's nothing else he *has* to do."

    It's similar here. As far as I'm concerned, conservatives can't possibly prove they aren't partisan hacks while they're out of office. It's what they do and say when one of their own is in office and is going severely off-course that really proves the point. And with few exceptions, they rallied around their own party president and called anyone who disagreed "unpatriotic" even though he was about as far off in the weeds as you can get.

    On the other hand, I love your bumper sticker. Gotta go put in an order.

  2. I definitely miss Bush, the Constitution, and liberties.

  3. You know wurzel, I totally agree that how they act when they're in power tells the whole story. I'd say there were plenty of people drinking the Bush kool-aid, but there really were a lot of people criticizing him on the conservative side of things, Malkin and Rush Limbaugh among them (as much as folks think these two are party puppets).

    Teresa- why do you miss a president that actively grew government more than any president before him ever had?

  4. Bush is far better than Obama on many issues. I think he cared way more about our safety than Obama. I am for our safety and not just sitting back while Muslim Jihadists are given the chance to revive, reload, and commit another 9/11 type of attack. I agree with his decisions about going to war in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't agree with TARP, but none of us are perfect.

  5. I don't expect anyone to be perfect- I just expect them not to be mass robbers that steal a fortune from millions of hard working families to give to wealthy bankers. Is that so much to ask or unrealistic to expect?