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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month (Interview)

Morgan Freeman finds Black History Month "ridiculous."

So the interviewer asks how we're going to get rid of racism and Morgan Freeman says matter-of-factly "Stop talking about it."

For more on Morgan Freeman, check out this video of several celebrities reading the U.S. Declaration of Independence with an introduction by Morgan Freeman.


  1. so, i LOVED this clip. now, i'm waiting for more politically correct people to tell me why i'm wrong.

  2. He's my new hero... Mike Wallace looked like a buffoon... i forgot he was white for 50 seconds...

  3. Mike Wallace did kind of look like an idiot... "uhh well uhh uhh... I'm Jewish"

  4. Eric- looks like the readers here at THL are in your (and Freeman's) corner so far.

    Anonymous- LOL. Good laughs at Chris Matthew's strange racial infatuation with Barack Obama are always welcome here :)

    Steve- I know, right? And Freeman jumps on it: You want a Jewish history month?