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Friday, February 26, 2010

Put On Your Bikinis: Global Warming Rocks The North East!

Hat tip: Libertarian Advocate

Take the extremely harsh, cold winter weather we're having, and add to that an exaggerated UN climate report, a scandalous information breach at East Anglia's climate research center, and the revealing flap over Superfreakonomics... and what you have is a cooling of public opinion over global warming. (Did you like that pun? There's more where that came from.)

Related news: PSNH power outage puts thousands out of power in the very libertarian state of New Hampshire today, as a fierce winter storm pounded New England.

What's a climate skeptic to do at such a perfect time? Laugh. Laugh really, really hard at how silly the climate change alarmists look. And post lots and lots of pictures of women in their bikinis enjoying all the "global warming" we've been getting, global warming beach party-style. (Yes, this is my libertarian, global warming skeptic homage to Stacy McCain's Rule 5).

(To view the sources for any of these photos of lovely ladies enjoying all this "global warming" in their bikinis, simply click on the images.)

I am not an animal rights activist myself, but I do love the "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign. I like that it makes the point cleverly, humorously, and peacefully. You've got to hand it to them as good marketers. Global warming realists should use this same strategy. I'd love to see a campaign with pictures like this and captions like "Still waiting for that warming catastrophe..."

Speaking of which, have you heard of LOLA? It's the Ladies of Liberty Alliance. They sell awesome calendars and they organize like crazy to turn out libertarian activists to important events, spread and defend the libertarian platform, and do some solid community service (like sending care packages to the troops).

And I know, I know: climate and weather aren't the same thing. Cold weather doesn't prove the climate isn't warming. Outliers don't mean there isn't a warming trend. It's not just warming, it's climate change- more extreme weather of all kinds. Yeah- and we've always been at war with East Asia, right?

I also dare you to look me in the eye with a straight face and say that if we had an unseasonably sweltering winter, that warmists wouldn't be touting it constantly as they argued for an oppressive global carbon regulatory scheme. We both know they would be.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go barbecue some hot dogs in shorts and flip flops. Peace!


  1. Thanks for the link Wes. Love how you flipped these shots into commentary on the Grand Delusion of AGW.

    As it happens I in S.W. Connecticut near the New York border. Most of yesterday, we got all rain which overwhelmed my drainage system resulting in a half inch flood of my house and a 12 + inch flood of the basement of an out building. The rain cenverted to snow and dropped about 6-8 inches of really soggy snow. I shoveled out my driveway for 4.5 hours today. I am going to sleep straight through 10:00 AM tomorrow.

  2. CG- wow, thanks! LCR rocks. I hit you right back with a link.

    Libertarian Advocate- no problem. Sounds like you have had a really sucky couple days weather-wise! Good luck and sleep sweet.

  3. Originally it was known as global warming, it's called climate change now because some feel that global warming neglects to mention increased hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami and other weather phenomena. Keep in mind that even if was 5 degrees warmer than 10 years ago (Al Gore claims MUCH less, about 1 degree): it's still freezing in the NE. Also, all this snow isn't the result of cold (Antarctica gets almost no snow and it's the coldest place on earth) but it also the result of precipitation. It's not just global warming it's "weather to the extreme" (insert lame California surfer dude saying that here), and these terrible storms may actually be the result of climate change.

    That said, just because I agree with the Climate freaks on the one end does not mean I want these anti-business policies that do nothing to help the climate to be imposed on the american public.

    Believe me if clean energy was going to be a big money-maker (and not a pipe dream) don't you think Exxon, ConocoPhillips, BP and the other oil companies would be all over it? I mean Chevrolet came out with an electric car!!! This is telling you that we will start polluting less, but you can't rush technology by taxing it to death! Right now it is technologically unfeasible to go completely "green."

    At least, not unless you allow nuclear power. If we allow that, even without the ability to dump it in Las Vegas, oil and gas would slowly become obsolete, and that is a free-market (albeit highly government regulated for safety) low-pollution solution to the Climate Change "epidemic."

  4. There's a very valid scientific principle behind why warmer temperatures call for more snow in the winters.

    The solubility of moisture vapor in air is drastically increased in warmer temperatures. So if the temperatures are a few degrees warmer as the air passes over the Mideast, and then hits a higher elevation region (like the Appalachian mountains) the air then cools, loses its ability to contain moisture, and dumps it all on the eastern seaboard as snow.

    I'm not claiming that GW isn't just a natural occurrence, or that man caused it... certainly cap and trade policies are stupid. However, as a scientist it really bothers me when people use the increased snow this winter to attempt to discredit the theory.

    Climatology is not that simple, and this over simplification that's pervading the anti-GW movement is equally as ridiculous as the conclusions that the GW alarmists are drawing about GW causing catastrophic hurricanes that are going to wipe out the eastern seaboard. It just makes you look bad to the educated.

  5. You're totally right Steve. The over-simplification and complete lack of scientific thinking on both sides of the debate (sadly most of all by some of the "scientists" involved in climatology) is a real problem.

    Like I concluded above: "I know, I know: climate and weather aren't the same thing. Cold weather doesn't prove the climate isn't warming. Outliers don't mean there isn't a warming trend."

    I just get a real kick out of how whatever the weather or climate may do, the "green crowd" will spin it as evidence that we need more regulation to prevent our impending doom. What a great opportunity to have a laugh... and post pictures of girls in bikinis.