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Monday, February 22, 2010

This Picture Should Be Everywhere!

The image above was taken by someone who lives in Canada and tried to go to his walk in clinic (where the doctor has a good sense of humor and a healthy dose of frustration with the RATIONING that takes place in a system of socialized medicine).

Don't bother looking for the Onion logo in the corner of the picture- 'cause it ain't there! This is for real. A major tip of my hat to Taylor R. Cottam (who lives in Toronto) of EconomyPolitics for exposing this to the rest of us Yanks still living here in America.

Read more straight from Taylor right here.

Please make this go viral. America needs to see what's in store for us if the Democrats successfully "Rahm" the Reid-Pelosi bill through Congress.


  1. Love it, +1 digg! Did you notice how the sign says that patients wanting cosmetic surgery can still be seen? If I remember correctly, cosmetic surgery is really the only thing left in the Canadian health care system that is semi free market.

  2. Here's what I need though. I need this kind of story from Italy, Greece, Netherlands, and other Eurpoean countries. I argue on other forums all day against socialized medicine but people over there love it. If you have a source for this kind of story over in the EU leme know!

  3. Forgotten Liberty- Yes, how absolutely FUBAR is that?

    Seven- Yeah the EconomyPolitics.com people are doing some great work!

    Sie- Oh it's out there. Great Britain especially has some serious problems with its health care system, Michael Moore's propaganda to the contrary notwithstanding.