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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alex Jones Wants Me To Be The Face of His New Coffee Party Movement

"Wesley Messamore, center, leads a chant of 'End the Fed' with protesters as they march through the streets of Nashville on Sunday in opposition to the Federal Reserve Bank. Protesters nationwide have called for an audit of the Federal Reserve. (JOSH ANDERSON / FOR THE TENNESSEAN)"

Alex Jones' New Coffee Party

After some Democrat AstroTurfers started "The Coffee Party" as an alternative to the Tea Party movement a few days back (I'll be covering that story more in depth later), it seems that paleo-conservative radio host and vocal 9-11 "Truther" Alex Jones wants to get in on the action, with "The Real Coffee Party."

The Jones people at InfoWars argue that the Tea Party movement has been hijacked by the establishment and no longer represents its original principles: "the need to abolish the Federal Reserve, reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and withdraw from unnecessary and unconstitutional foreign wars."

But this new Coffee Party gimmick from the Democrats is also "a contrived creation of the establishment itself." I can't say that I disagree much with this assessment of things, though I haven't at all given up on the Tea Party movement, and I'm not sure that the establishment has successfully taken over yet. Though the primaries and general elections this year will give us some strong indicators.

Wes Messamore, The Face of Jones' Coffee Party?

Not hardly!

I woke up this morning to e-mails telling me that my picture was being used to promote Mr. Jones' "Real Coffee Party." While I'm flattered that the Jones people think I'm such a handsome man and a perfect poster child *bats eyelashes* for the principled opposition to our government's abuses, and while I am 100% on board with a platform to: "abolish the Federal Reserve, reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and withdraw from unnecessary and unconstitutional foreign wars," there is one huge difference between Alex Jones and me: I am not, never have been, and never will be gullible enough to think that 9-11 was an inside job. Period.

I must really question how critically rational someone can be who gets sucked so deep, into believing something so outrageous, on the basis of such scanty and circumstantial evidence. And even if someone does believe in 9-11 conspiracy theories- the message of liberty applies whether or not they're true. In other words, we should abolish the Fed, reduce the size and scope of government, lower taxes, and end military adventurism whether or not the Truthers are right about 9-11. So it's a separate and ultimately irrelevant issue. And Truthers should keep it that way because they are doing incredible damage to the liberty movement.

Mr. Jones, Please Take My Photo Down

Now I myself prefer to stay united on the issues that we all share in common, again: "abolish the Federal Reserve, reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and withdraw from unnecessary and unconstitutional foreign wars." But Alex Jones prefers be divisive and self-destructive. I have only even posted my views about 9-11 Truth once here at this blog and I've never said a word about Alex Jones because I prefer not to engage in pointless controversies and divide up an already fractured liberty movement. But after posting my picture on his website, Alex Jones has forced my hand. I cannot let anyone think that I am associated with him or 9-11 Truth.

So forgive me if you are a Truther. I don't mean to antagonize or belittle you, I just have a disagreement with you and I try to spend most of my time and energy focusing on the things that most Americans agree to- that we need a better, more responsive, more transparent, less corrupt government. But because Jones used my photo, I want to make abundantly clear to everyone that I AM NOT A TRUTHER and that to be honest, I think it's all pretty ridiculous. Truthers are no different than global warming alarmists as far as I'm concerned.

I have also contacted Alex Jones to politely request that he take down my photo. That, and this post, is all I'm going to do about the matter, and whether he takes it down or not, I've washed my hands of this, so the ball's in his court now.

My Message to InfoWars:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Wes Messamore, and the picture of the End the Fed march that you have posted to your Real Coffee Party page features my image. I am writing to request that you take it down and use another image.

I am a blogger and commentator at and while I do agree with the Real Coffee Party platform to "abolish the Federal Reserve, reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and withdraw from unnecessary and unconstitutional foreign wars," I respectfully do not want to be associated with Mr. Jones or for visitors to think that I am in some way aligned with his activities or beliefs.

While I would prefer that disagreements over 9-11 didn't divide us, Mr. Jones is deliberately divisive and provocative in this respect, causing very real and measurable damage to the liberty movement's credibility and electoral efforts. I don't like to throw a fellow liberty lover under the bus, especially when we have strong areas of agreement about the fundamental role of government and the necessary policies to subordinate it to that role. It would seem however, that Alex Jones has no problem at all throwing the whole liberty movement under the bus for the sake of his own cult of personality.

Again, please remove my image from your page and use another. I would hate for someone to see it there and draw the wrong conclusions about me.

Wes Messamore


  1. We have to stop putting labels on people, who unless your so ignorant as to think ppl have to be extreme? Everyone has a right to be what they want to be. Labels are wrong, why cant you be cons and lib? why to the extreme. I like coffee better then tea, but I would drink tea if coffee isnt avail!

  2. "Everyone has a right to be what they want to be." Yeah, I agree- far be it from me to support forcible interference in the aspirations and personal preferences of an individual.

  3. What I hate is that the 'I hate labels' crowd fails to realize life doesn't come labeless. Labels identify who you are speaking to or about. They identify one's stance in the world on any given subject. You can't live without them. Sorry but true. Ever read a book whereas the author never uses labels like 'the red maned man' or ' A portly fellow' ?

    On a real note I am glad to hear you wish to be seperated from this. I was thinking almost exactly what you said long before I read it. To be associated with 'truthers' will take away from any real credibility. Thank you for remaining consistant.

  4. Wes - I visited the link and your picture is still up! I totally agree with you on truthers....

  5. I totally agree with you on the truthers. They are similar to global warming alarmists-ridiculous.

    I could post something on my site requesting that Alex Jones remove your pic from his site.

    If there is anything that I can do to help just let me know.

  6. I guess "congratulations" aren't quite in order for this dubious distinction. About a year ago I was looking through itunes for libertarian podcasts and Alex Jones popped up. It didn't take but about ten minutes through the podcast (I'm kinda slow) that he's not so much a "libertarian" as he is a "total whack-job". When you find out someone is a truther, it has a way of casting a bad light on everything else they believe. By the way, the pic is still up as of March 12.

  7. Sie, thanks for the feedback!

    LCR, yup- as of today it's still up, lol.

    Teresa, thanks for the offer, but it's no big deal. Now that I've done everything I can do to make clear that my picture was not used with my permission, I'm satisfied that I've washed my hands of this. The people at InfoWars can do the right thing or not at this point, but I'm pretty much done wasting my time on them and don't want to draw any more attention to them than was necessary to make a clear disavowal.

    John, yup. The sad thing is that in some ways, Mr. Jones is very perceptive about a lot of the underlying history and philosophy of statism. His opposition to the left-right paradigm is solid. His non-partisan support for liberty and criticism of its enemies in both parties shows a certain amount of earnestness. But then he goes and blows all of this credibility out of the water with his half-baked conspiracy theories, self-destructive stubbornness, and trite theatrics.

  8. Don't worry cause your 'libertarian' movement will probably never go anywhere anyway besides you guys just getting together and talking about it.

  9. 9/11 Was An Inside Job! Proven by Larry Silverstein's confession. Fire-proof, crash-proof, bomb-proof photo ID cards of patsies, some still alive according to the BBC.