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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Violence of Environmentalism: Baby Girl Survives Global Warming Suicide / Murder Pact

Reports Gateway Pundit: "A seven-month old baby girl survived a shot to the chest after her parents shot themselves and their two-year-old in a global warming murder-suicide pact."

Is it all Al Gore's fault?

The Details: Argentines Lotero and partner, Miriam Coletti, made a "global warming suicide pact" to kill their children and then each other because they fear the effects of global warming. Their two-year old son died, but their infant daughter miraculously survived alone for three days with a bullet in her chest.

Al Gore Lied, People Died?

Already, the blogosphere is abuzz with the "Gore Lied, People Died" meme. Is it true? The Lonely Conservative hopes "Al Gore is happy with himself." AJ Strata at The Stratasphere intones: "Al Gore is a pompous ass who now has three deaths on his shoulders, as do all the alarmists who tried hide the fact their theories are not holding up to scrutiny in the form of legitimate challenges from skeptics."

While I share AJ's disdain for the intellectual dishonesty and recklessness of global warming alarmists, I don't know that we can say Al Gore has three deaths on his shoulders. That's taking it a little too far. I think the people who pulled the triggers deserve the blame here. (But the energy policies that Gore advocates will result in far more than just three deaths... more on that further down...)

Hypocrisy Left and Right
(*disclaimer, I hate the left-right dichotomy)

This will annoy party-line Republicans, but I have to say that I agree with the sentiment behind Sadly No's headline: "Al Gore 2, George Bush 95,568." You want to talk about lies that kill people? George W. Bush told the American people that he wanted to invade Iraq to keep us safe, but the Downing Street Memo revealed that Bush really just wanted to invade Iraq to invade Iraq, before 9-11 even happened.

But don't worry, I'm dishing it out to everybody today (Hell, who am I kidding? I dish it out to everybody every day.). The left are a bunch of stinking hypocrites on this matter too. Greg at Moonbattery has it right when he asks: "If Bill O'Reilly is responsible for the death of George Tiller, doesn't that make Al Gore responsible for the deaths of Francisco Lotero and Miriam Coletti and their two-year-old son?" Own up to it, lefties! Is Gore a proxy murderer or were you being unreasonable asses after Tiller's murder?

Yet while pointing out the hypocrisy of warming alarmists, it's important for skeptics not to be hypocrites themselves by doing exactly what they criticize "the left" for doing. I applaud Michelle Malkin for pointing out the hypocrisy on both sides and saying: "After a year’s worth of unhinged lefties blaming conservative bloggers, pundits, and activists for every crime spree on the planet, it would be just deserts to blame Al Gore for the alleged global warming-inspired murders reported in the UK Daily Mail today. But count me out of that game."

Hypocrisy by journalists, activists

Speaking of hypocrisy, The Left Coast Rebel makes a great point:

Imagine this story. A family of four - two parents, a toddler and infant take part in a suicide pact for a cause. You see, they hate the Federal government and intrusion into peaceable, normal people's lives. They support the tea parties but see no hope even in that. They decide to kill themselves, their entire family because they see no hope.

Can you imagine the headlines across America, the headlines even internationally?

He's right. It would be plastered all over ABC News and CNN. Presently, I think I can hear some crickets chirping instead. I demand to hear some swift condemnation from warming alarmists, but fully expect to be disappointed. As I've proven here before, the center-right is great at strongly condemning and disavowing violence and extremism, as in the case of the Tiller murder. The center-left on the other hand, seems less-than-exemplary in that regard.

Also: I immediately and strongly condemned Joe Stack for his act of terrorism, demanded to see the same kind of vocal opposition to and disavowal of violent means from those that share Stack's Marxist underpinnings (which never seemed to materialize as far as I'm aware... but I'd love to be corrected if I'm wrong on that count), and publicly rebuked tea partiers and libertarians that appallingly and stupidly sympathized with Stack's egregious crimes.

So it's not too much for me to ask for that same kind of peace mongering from other political groups whose fringe members go crazy and murder people.

The Warmicide to Come

Scared Monkeys seems to have coined the term "warmicide." I must admit I find it catchy. The author also urges us not to irrationally blame "the Goracle" for the "global warming suicide pact," and- this part's really important- reminds us that "Gore is guilty of enough in perpetrating the fraud junk science behind so-called man made global warming."

Exactly! Believe me, if national or global cap and trade schemes come to pass because of Al Gore's self-interested lobbying, I will be the first person on my rooftop chanting "Gore Lied, People Died." If that happens, and energy prices jump by 30%, Gore really will have blood on his hands when a poor, elderly couple in Iowa freezes to death one cold winter because they can't afford both food and heat in the new cap-and-trade economy.

That will be true warmicide, and that is what we must remember today. Al Gore may not be directly responsible for this tragic "global warming suicide pact," but he and his worldview are inherently violent, necessarily coercive, and most certainly rooted in the Malthusian philosophy that sees human beings as a scourge on the earth's resources, a problem to be dealt with by means of population controls.

These controls include what Malthus would call "negative checks" that lower the birthrate, but also "positive checks" that increase the death rate. The sad and simple truth is that many global warming alarmists and environmentalist nuts are happy today that there are three fewer people alive to consume the earth's resources and harm her ecosystem. That's the violence, that's the hatefulness, that's the ugly, anti-human face of environmentalism at its foundation.

That this miracle baby lived is a precious and poignant metaphor of the human spirit triumphing and surviving amid the inhumanity of so reckless a hatred as that which the militant environmentalists have for humankind.


  1. Blaming the alarmists for these deaths is like blaming the tea party or right wing pundits for the IRS attack. I say no to both.

  2. By the way. The Southern Poverty Law Center released a report today about the surge in right wing, anti-government, patriot groups. In the Huffington Post story about it, they matter-of-factly throw Stack's name in there with "right wing" attached.

    That's apparently enough for the bulk of the commenters to overlook the contradictory parts of his manifesto. By pointing this out I was accused of being a xenophobe who longs for a fascist christian state, as well as being retarded.

  3. Hey erthbot- I totally agree that it's wrong to blame the warmists for what happened, especially when there's so much else to blame them for... like advocating policies that really will cost human lives and slow global poverty reduction.

    Yeah that SPLC report really irked me, and the fact that the media jumped all over it while hardly mentioning the story above demonstrates their agenda and sympathies.