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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Canceled Miss. Prom Highlights The Need For More School Choice

By Matthew Sharpe for The (Jackson, Miss.) Clarion-Ledger

A Mississippi county school board canceled its upcoming high school prom after the Mississippi ACLU threatened legal action on behalf of 18-year-old senior Constance McMillen, a lesbian whom school board policy prohibited from wearing a tuxedo and taking her girlfriend to the high school prom as her date.

The school board stupidly and vindictively canceled the entire prom for everyone rather than allow a lesbian to enjoy a major highlight of her high school years with her own choice of attire and company. Instead of acknowledging the government school board's responsibility for shamefully spoiling the spring festivities, many students are blaming the girl for the cancellation! McMillen reports that one student told her, "Thanks for ruining my senior year."

But the clear villain in all of this is the state school board. Socialized education, just like any socialized industry, restricts our choices and personal freedoms. When the state attempts to educate our children, it necessarily finds itself having to make value judgments that are beyond the purview of government, like the proper role and nature of human sexuality.

If we dismantled our socialized education system and allowed more school choice, issues like this could be easily resolved. A parent that wants their child to receive a religious education in a conservative setting, with no "distractions" like lesbian couples at the school prom, then they should have the freedom to choose a school that reflects those values. And Constance McMillen and her parents should be free to choose a school that reflects their values.

The 2008 Parisian Gay Pride gathered between 250000 (police's number) and 700000 (organizers number) people. The theme that year was against discrimination at school.


  1. Atlas isn't the only one who can shrug. Sometimes even school administrators can shrug.

    People who push agendas love government schools. The girl in question wanted to draw attention to herself, and she succeeded. Such drama!

    And now she can sue the school board with the help of the ACLU, who undoubtedly set the whole thing up so they could push their agenda.

    She gets her fifteen minutes, the taxpayers get to pay the freight.

    And it all could be avoided, as you point out, if we didn't have government schools thrust upon us.

  2. I'm glad we agree about socialized education. I have to say though, that I sympathize with the young lady. I think she did the right thing.