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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glenn Beck Suffers from "Beckaholism"?

Kurt Wallace makes the case at the Liberty Pulse blog:

Beck obviously doesn’t understand himself, the principles of conservatism he preached to the CPAC audience, concerning “progressivism” and “Wilsonianism.” The blind-leading-the-blind Beck might want to go back to step one himself and admit he is himself a disease called “Beckaholism,” a not so rare sickness which consists of party liberty rhetoric, part establishmentarianism and part progressive interventionism.

Though his schizoid mix is a more dangerous form of the disease, there is hope. Mr. Beck, we invite you to join Neoconservatives Anonymous before going off and embarrassing the rest of us who are actually in recovery from the intellectually debilitating disease of neocon denial. I am willing to be his sponsor as I am the founder of the program and all are welcome. But remember it’s for those who want it, not for those who need it.

Read the whole article here.

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  1. Help me out here...he is saying what exactly? I must confess I do not understand what they are talking about.

  2. It looks like Kurt is arguing that Glenn Beck is recovering from the neo-conservatism that afflicts the likes of Sean Hannity, but that Beck himself is not yet fully recovered either. He's like "a Beckaholic," someone who attends "Anonymous" meetings to recover from neo-conservatism, but still falls off the wagon a lot. While the piece pokes some fun at Beck, I do think that Kurt is genuinely rooting for him in his transformation to true, principled, Jeffersonian conservatism.

  3. I guess I never thought of Glenn Beck as a Neocon. Hannity, certainly. Limbaugh and Levin, somewhat. But not GB. I also sense a lot of animosity from Limbaugh and Levin and Hannity toward GB. Generally I like what Levin and Limbaugh have to say most of the time.

    What do you say W.E.?

  4. I liked Sean Hannity about 10 years ago, for a brief time. I was leaving the Democratic Party, finding myself more and more disgusted. I liked this guy who said that I was "a great American". Good looking, didn't take shit from anyone. It was great. Baseball, Apple Pie, Honor, Country First, America The Beautiful. He was pretty much like a rebound girlfriend. Someone to help me with my breakup with the Democrats. Now I was never a socialist leaning Democrat. I was old school, learned from my father. Human rights, and standing up for the little guy. When I learned that the Democratic Party was fool of liars, and self deceived sheep, I instantly looked around for something better. Naturally, it was the Republican Party. Sean Hannity made it feel good to be a Republican. And if there where any doubts, Levin would browbeat you back into the fold. Well the conversion lasted about year. It didn't take long to see the same old hypocrisy in the leadership, or the horrible inconsistency and tendency to bloviate among those like Levin, Limbaugh, and Hannity. I jettisoned them. I moped around for a few months, and had seen some of the stuff the Libertarian Party had put out, I found myself attracted to that, and I dived right in. That little love affair was even far shorter then my dally with the Republican Party. I then just stopped watching TV News and Politics all together. It was going to make my head explode. Every channel, liberal, neoconservative, republican, democratic, fair and balanced, it didn't matter ...they all catered to the lowest common denominator, all in the name of ratings.

    I cannot and will not watch even 30 seconds of political shows. On any channel.

    And my retreat, doesn't end there. Before I condemned the mainstream media for being 100% at fault, for committing a sin, so profound, it was with sad acceptance, that I realized that the real blame lay almost entirely with people.

    We're dumber then dirt.

    And people who can admit that they like what Limbaugh has to say, or Chris Matthews, or Sean Hannity, or Nancy Grace...

    you all deserve everything you got coming.

    and more.

  5. KOOK- I like Mr. Beck. I think he's on the right track and has a net positive influence on America. I also think the Judge (Napolitano) is mentoring him and helping him to recover from neo-conservatism. He's not all the way there yet, but you're right- he's also not a total party man either.

    Anonymous- LOL- loved the breakup analogy!