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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

History of Iran Timeline

This excellent video features the history of Iran on a timeline stretching back to the U.S.-led installment of the Shah in 1953. Most Americans need to realize that the modern history of Iran didn't start with the Iranian revolution and hostage crisis in 1979.

Instead, the very short documentary above chronicles the modern history of Iran as most Iranians see it- their struggle for freedom against an imperialistic U.S. foreign policy that overthrew their democracy in 1953 (yes America overthrew a democracy overseas) and replaced it with a pro-U.S. dictator.

How could America have strayed so far, that our once humble republic sets up and supports kings in other countries? Can we be honest and admit this is wrong? Can we true patriots, who love freedom acknowledge when our government has violated it? Do we have the courage and fortitude to demand that our government change course and stand for freedom once again?

Hat tip: The Daily Paul