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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Humble Libertarian 2.0

Hey Patriots!

As you can see for yourself, I've made some more changes here at The Humble Libertarian. Feel free to tell me how you like them.

Design: On the design side of things, there's a new logo, into which I have incorporated the American Wild Turkey as a symbol of the humble, libertarian life. It also serves as the "L" for "libertarian" in THL. I'm also more formally incorporating what has been an informal tagline for some time now: "Peace, Love, and Liberty.

Features: I already announced the new Facebook Page some days back, but now it's easy for you to find right on the website with the new button in the left sidebar. I've also added a feature-rich, right sidebar for a very robust site! It includes a featured libertarian video, which will update regularly; my personal tweets and featured links; any comments and links that you want to feature on the front page of THL in our new "soapbox" (all you have to do is include the tag #THL in a tweet); an updated list of my articles on other websites; and a BlogTalkRadio widget so you can listen to my weekly radio program.

More to come: There is much, much more to come! I am working on producing a really innovative (seriously, this will be very cool if it works out well), integrated message forum; banners and promotional materials; educational resources for you and others to learn more about libertarianism; an upcoming giveaway contest with a lot of great prizes; and the best articles we've ever written here at THL.

Keep your eye out for these other great changes and please help us to continue carrying forward the message of liberty to a world in desperate need of it.


  1. Wow Wes. Lots of new stuff going on here and in the expanding THL media empire. Looking forward to seeing the message forum. One criticism, which has irked me in my own attempts at 3-column design: it's not that it's too busy, i.e. too much stuff going on, but that it looks kind of squished together. Maybe add a little more space between the sidebars and the main column? Or shrink the sidebars a bit to create a bit more space there? Or maybe just a simple vertical line divider to visually separate the columns from one another? Otherwise, looks great.

  2. Yeah I need to play with it. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. There... what do you think about that?

  4. I am not sure about the turkey "L." Without reading your intro above, I would have a hard time not just seen "TH" with a bird on the end, but that might just be me.

  5. That's good feedback. I'll play with the graphic some more and see if I can make it more clear that this is an "L." But in the mean time, please other commentators let me know what you think about the new logo, with respect to Daryl's problem. Can you see that it's an "L"?

  6. Lookin' good. I noticed the difference as soon as the page loaded. I've been thinking of adding a third column to Poli-Tea, and so have been playing around a bit recently with 3-column templates myself.

  7. I am in agreement with Daryl about the "L" (see email). Other than that, I love the new layout, it feels a bit more open

  8. d.eris- yeah I'm starting to like the three column thing here.

    Max, Daryl- How about now? Look more like an "L"?