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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Learn About Liberty" Testimonials

I am thrilled to have received my first donation and a couple brief testimonials for my new e-book...

"Learn About Liberty"

Here is what some people are saying:

"Nice work. The length was perfect, and the story was clear and concise. I'm not much of a history buff, so I enjoyed learning about libertarian roots dating back to even ancient (Sumerian) times." -A reader

"A very worthy and fascinating read." -C.S.Burks (source)

So if you haven't already, I highly recommend that you give the book a read. If you want to write a short book review or testimonial for Learn About Liberty, e-mail me so I know about it, and I'll include you in the next round-up (with link love to your website or Twitter account).


  1. I learning about Libertarianism. There's a extreme blogger who says right at the beginning of his page that he's a Libertarian. He's taking the credit for the 5 violent vandalism incidents regarding the Democratic Congressional offices that had their windows broken over the weekend. he also talks alot about guns and shooting the hearts of tyrants. On a radio interview he warned all the listeners that people are cleaning their rifles right now. His blog is obsessed with violence and insurrection. WTF? Does the Humble Libertarian endorse him as a Libertarian?

  2. I forgot to mention his's Mike Vanderbeogh and his blog is

    He's REALLY scary! Is this what I'm to expect from Libertarians?

  3. I've never heard of that blog, but I can tell you that if you read mine, you will see that libertarianism is primarily a political philosophy of peace.

    I am unambiguously opposed to the use of coercion and have vocally opposed the use of violence to accomplish libertarian goals. (See,, &

    If you read the e-book referenced in the post above, I actually explain how libertarianism is predicated on the principle of non-aggression.

    Sorry if other people are giving you a false impression of libertarianism. Most of us aren't like that.