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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Locating ourselves in history

Hat tip to Cafe Hayek, where Don Boudreaux writes: "Are we living in western civilization? The great Steve Davies argues – compellingly, I think – ‘not really.’ Watching Steve’s talk is very much worth your while – and not chiefly for the surprising prediction that he makes near the end."


  1. Right near the end, refers to "an-i-may" as "ah-neem."

    He also says that Confucianism will have a huge impact due to pop culture from Asia - but in fact, pop culture in Asia is not widely regarded as Confucian. Consider the fact that a movie about Confucius just bombed at the Chinese box office.

    Anime might influence world culture a lot - for example, girls will wear more miniskirts and regard panty-flashing as an acceptable form of courtship behavior - but I doubt that anime will make the world more Confucian.

    Now, anime *might* turn the world onto Shinto-style animist beliefs, but that's a different story.

  2. Lol. I can't say I know enough about "ah-neem" to offer much in the way of a worthwhile response. Thanks for chiming in though. What did you think about his central thesis?

  3. Any students who want to hear Dr. Davies speak in-person should check out the summer seminars offered by my organization, the Institute for Humane Studies. He’ll be lecturing at four or so. Visit