Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama Fiddles While America Burns

(Credit: AP)

During the raging health care debate yesterday, a CBS News White House correspondent asked what, exactly, President Obama was watching. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs actually replied, "Mostly basketball."

Seriously. This is CBS- not The Onion. What a jerk.

Totally reminds me of how inappropriately cavalier Bush was:

The President will also sign the new health care bill this Tuesday, breaking yet again, his promise to maintain transparency by posting all non-emergency legislation to for five business days before signing it.

He has shamelessly broken this easy-to-keep promise without even blushing since the first days of his administration. I have as yet heard no explanation, no apology, not even an attempt to defend Mr. Obama's blatant lie.

Thanks for nothing, Mr. President. Really classy.


C. S. Burks said...

His Royal Highness King Barack I.

W. E. Messamore said...

Or just King George W. II!

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