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Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama Fiddles While America Burns

(Credit: AP)

During the raging health care debate yesterday, a CBS News White House correspondent asked what, exactly, President Obama was watching. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs actually replied, "Mostly basketball."

Seriously. This is CBS- not The Onion. What a jerk.

Totally reminds me of how inappropriately cavalier Bush was:

The President will also sign the new health care bill this Tuesday, breaking yet again, his promise to maintain transparency by posting all non-emergency legislation to for five business days before signing it.

He has shamelessly broken this easy-to-keep promise without even blushing since the first days of his administration. I have as yet heard no explanation, no apology, not even an attempt to defend Mr. Obama's blatant lie.

Thanks for nothing, Mr. President. Really classy.