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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rand Paul Moneybomb Raises Over $125,000 In First 12 Hours

On today's March 23rd "Give Me Liberty" money bomb (a single day of massive online donations), U.S. Senate hopeful Rand Paul has already raised over $125,000 towards his victory in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with over twelve hours to go.

Past money bombs indicate that he will raise even more in the second half of the day. Check back here for updates.

UPDATE: with just four hours left to go, Rand Paul has raised $220,000. Let's push him all the way to $300,000 by midnight!

In the meantime, the following is a message from Rand Paul:

Dear friend,

Today is the big day. It's your chance to show the establishment once and for all that we're here to take our government back!

As I've traveled around Kentucky the last few weeks, I'm sensing an energy that is growing. It started with the Tea Parties. It's been fueled by the continued of of control spending and lust for power of our elected officials.

The beginning of the end for out of control government is this race. Here in Kentucky, we will take that message and bring it to Washington.

As noted in Politico magazine last week, "A win by Paul...would represent the first true electoral success of the Tea Party movement." I'm humbled to think that could be true. And I will work every day from now til November to make sure it's true.

But first, I need YOUR help.

My establishment opponent isn't running to change Washington, he's running to be part of Washington. He's not running to end bailouts, he's running with campaign cash FROM recipients of bailouts.

The difference couldn't be more clear. And I hope to make that difference even more clear in the next few weeks.

If our fight for Term Limits, Balanced budgets, and end to earmarks, a drastic reduction in government power and the end of career politicians is to succeed, I need you to dig deep today.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are flowing into my opponents campaign coffers from Washington DC insiders.

You can help me fight back.

If you can help me raise $300,000 today, Tuesday March 23rd in our "Give Me Liberty" money bomb, I'm confident we will have the resources to fight back over the next few weeks and help keep our momentum going.

So please, click HERE to pledge today.

Or go to to donate.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

P.S. You can view a video made to promote the Money Bomb HERE.