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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ron Paul to You: Help Keep Rand On TV

From Congressman Ron Paul to patriots everywhere:


Dear Friend,

My son Rand is running a great campaign in Kentucky. Through hard work and your support, he is winning! We have a real chance to send the most principled, limited government leader to the United States Senate in a generation.

But now, he needs you more than ever.

The big government establishment has turned on their fundraising machine to try and defeat Rand. According to media reports, Rand's challenger has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past several weeks. The sources? Disgusting! PAC's, special interests and the banking industry - all of whom are opening up their wallets for Rand's opponent.

Remember when AIG took billions of taxpayer bailout dollars not once, but twice? Well, I have it on good information that AIG's chief lobbyist just held a high dollar, big money fundraiser for Rand's rival. I am sure you can figure out why.

Rand has shrewdly purchased all the television airtime he needs from mid-April through his May 18th Primary. The commercials are produced, the voter data is being assembled and a tremendous turnout machine is being put in place.

Rand's career politician opponent is lashing out - he has turned on an attack machine of vicious distortions and outright lies. Rand is working hard to knock them back and fight for our principles.

But, Rand does not have enough money to stay on TV and fight off the establishments smear tactics over the next few weeks. Unless he gets a substantial infusion of cash, he will not be able to purchase airtime from March 24 through mid April. And with all of his opponent's lies and fear mongering, he needs your help to stay on Kentucky statewide television during this critical time.

On Tuesday, March 23, the grassroots have organized a Money Bomb for Rand. If we have a successful day, Rand will be able to purchase the airtime he needs for the next few weeks and fund the last several mail pieces he will need down the stretch. You can donate directly at Rand's website,

We need you more than ever. I dearly hope I can count on your support. We have a tremendous opportunity, and if we come together on March 23, I know we can win.

In Liberty,
Ron Paul


  1. Wes,

    I'm a filthy Independent Conservative, but I love what you're doing here! (Jokes, jokes!) Also, Les speaks very highly of you, so any friend of Les' is a friend of mine.

    I have put you onto the growing blogroll at Veritas & Libertas ( and hope one day you might consider doing a contribution there. It would be aces.

    Long Live the Republic, indeed, Mr. Wessamore.

  2. Donald- Les is a great guy! I'm glad you two are working together over there at Conservative Firestorm, which I've added to my blogroll along with Veritas and Libertas. I'm stretched a little thin as far as writing is concerned, but I do accept submissions here at THL, with plenty of generous link love back to you. Always feel free to drop a line.