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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wes Messamore Meets John Stossel

What an awesome surprise! My friend and colleague, Matt Collins was able to get a few of us in to a private reception to meet libertarian apologist extraordinaire, John Stossel on Vanderbilt University's campus yesterday evening ahead of his debate with Ralph Nader.



  1. It was like how most people feel when they get to meet their favorite rock star.

  2. Have you ever met Ron Paul? I know you have spent time with Rand.

  3. I haven't. I hope some day! I got to see him speak here in Nashville at the War Memorial Auditorium in 2007 during his campaign for the GOP nomination. The crowd was too big to get near him though. The place was packed- they had to turn people away at the doors.

  4. Didn't stay for the debate- but come on: Stossel is both right and razor sharp- I'm sure he wiped the floor with Mr. Nader.

  5. That is cool! It must have been neato to meet Stossel.

  6. That's great Wes. Congrats.

    But now it's time to turn your attentions back to your day job... or part-time secondary job. Hint.. hint...

  7. I think that Stossel should interview YOU for his Fox News Show or set you up with one of the other Fox commentators. You are newsworthy and should get more exposure.

  8. It was, Teresa!

    Lol- working on it, Eric...

    Dave: That is so nice of you to say! Hopefully someday soon.

  9. Congrats Wes!
    It's always nice to actually meet the famous people who advocate for freedom. I have met and chatted with a pretty large number of them over the years. It was particularly satisfying to meet Walter Williams, with whom I have also exchanged e-mails. My association with the Cato Institute as a sponsor has afforded me with many opportunities over the years.

    Maybe someday you will hit the jackpot and actually get to meet me.

  10. Lol- Grant that would be a pleasure. Where do you reside? Maybe it'll happen someday. Good to hear you sponsor the Cato Institute's work. They do some of the best work there is in fighting for freedom.

    Rebel- Thanks! It was totally awesome.

  11. I live in the Chicago area. If you ever get up this way, I'd be happy to meet up or suggest points of interest or restaurants. This is also the home of the Heartland Institute, a great freedom organisation.

  12. Very cool. If I'm ever in the area, I will be sure to see if you're free to meet. (Insert joke about Obama and Chicago here.)


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