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Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Stop at Nullifying The Democrats' New Health Care Reconciliation Bill?

It is incredibly encouraging to see state legislators and attorney generals vow to interpose between their residents and the unconstitutional encroachments of an out-of-control Washington.

Their reasoning is absolutely correct. Requiring a citizen to purchase a product or pay a fee to the government is unconstitutional. Article I of the Constitution makes no provision for Congress to do such a thing, or even to meddle in the health care industry for any reason at all.

So if it's unconstitutional to force citizens to purchase health insurance, and the states are going to battle to nullify that unconstitutional law by vowing not to comply with it, why don't they nullify other Federal policies that unconstitutionally require citizens to buy into programs that they'd rather not?

How for instance, is it constitutional for the Federal government to require citizens to save for their retirement through Social Security (which is also a form of insurance in addition to a pension system)? Let's call on these same state officials to follow their reasoning consistently and protect us from these other unconstitutional violations of our liberty.