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Saturday, April 17, 2010

How Many People Were In Attendance At The Tax Day Tea Party Protests?

Taylor Cottam over at Economy Politics is compiling a list of local media reports for tea party attendance across the country on April 15th. Head over there to check it out and send him more articles to fill in cities that he's missed (the list is far from complete!).

Looking the list over, I decided to compile it into a total by being as conservative as I could possibly be. So for instance, when a newspaper reported "over 200" I would count it as 201; when it said "thousands" I would count it as 2000; I counted "a few hundred" as 300 and "several hundred" as 400.

Using that rule and looking through what Taylor has so far (and understanding that I can never add up the same list of numbers twice and get the same sum), I came up with 57,845. So at the very, very least, in all the cities and towns Taylor has figures for, nearly 60,000 (probably more) showed up.

It's probably a lot more, because not only were my estimates extremely conservative as described above, but the dead tree media has a penchant for under reporting attendance at these things, like when it reported 60,000 for the 912 rally in D.C. last year, which demonstrably and irrefutably had over a million marchers.

Also remember Taylor's list is hardly comprehensive. Do visit his post and please send him more data and articles so he can compile a complete list. If we can get together a pretty comprehensive list of cities in the next couple days, we can report the total on Monday, which would make for a great story- a good estimate of the total number of Americans that took to their streets and city halls on tax day to protest.


  1. oh whatever... there were only 13 people, and half of those were Infiltrators, and the rest were Raaaaacisssttsssss. Damn KLanbaggers.

    I was one of the "several thousand" in attendance at 9-12 and now I have had to re-adjust my crowd estimation skills... this has led me to the above evaluation of the april 15 nationwide tea parties.

    There were between 500 and 1000 in Joplin, MO have not heard any real figures.

  2. Lol. Nicely said. If you find a local newspaper or anything with figures, send em to Taylor.

  3. The media has been focusing on how only 2 in 100 of these protestors (ignoring the fact that Tea Party Protestors are conservative and older, which means they make more money) have actually seen their taxes go up. They even conducted polls and found that over 50% Tea Party protesters think they're taxes went up where most people have seen a decrease in taxes.

    However, the media completely ignores that most Tea Party protestors aren't worried about their own taxes. Most are concerned about their employer's taxes and the wealthy persons who may patronize their businesses. The more money in their pockets: the more money in ours.

  4. I had the pleasure of attending both the Pittsburgh Tea Party and the D.C. Tea Party.

    I would guess that in Pittsburgh there were about 500 people and about 40,000 people in Washington. I had a blast!

  5. Great points, DJ. And besides, the government has increased spending in leaps and bounds, which will eventually catch up to taxpayers one way or another. Bragging about cutting taxes while ramping up spending (and therefore the taxpayer's obligations) to unprecedented levels is disingenuous.

    Thanks, Teresa! If you get any news reports with those figures, shoot 'em to Taylor!

  6. Here in Chicago, there were probably 1000 at the Tea Party. However, to put that in perspective, a few miles away, there were 40,000 at Wrigley Field at the same moment to watch a baseball game (and they had to PAY to get in).


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