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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sarah Palin's New Show Under Fire For Using Old Interviews

And therein lies the perennial problem with Palin- everything she does is so fake, so contrived, so put-on by the political-media machine.


  1. Actually this isn't Palin's problem, but rather one that Fox News created and in which the network royally screwed Palin. She is merely hosting this program and not in on the production aspect of the show. Palin is as real as she can be. She is not a fake at all. She is sincere, and moreso than most politicians or people in the political sphere.

  2. Lol- I knew you would disagree when I posted this, Teresa. I'll grant that this little screw up was Fox's problem more than Palin's. And a lot of other hitches in her career were the McCain people's doing. But in the end, for her to speak at tea parties after supporting bailouts, to urge fiscal restraint after running record budgets as mayor and governor, and finally- to go and campaign for John McCain in Arizona just a few days ago... all these things make her seem very fake to me. I want to like her. I want her to be the person that many people think she is. But I just don't think she is that person.

  3. In regards to her campaigning for McCain, I do believe that she is in a tough spot on this one. Palin coming onto the national scene was not possible without McCain. She owes a lot of her latest success to McCain so I believe she feels like she owed him for helping to bring her success. But, I agree with Ronald Reagan's statement, "My eighty-percent friend is not my twenty-percent enemy."
    I would bet that she agrees with most of J.D. Hayworths positions (if not moreso than McCain's) but felt like she at least owed him this much-campaigning for him)

    Please take a look at this:

  4. I think some of the reasoning on that page is pretty flimsy. It seems like the person writing it is concerned with defending Palin more than with true conservatism. It is possible- even easy- to do a lot better than she did as governor, if you simply have the principles and the guts to follow through on them. Gary Johnson was in a 2 - 1 Democratic state with a Democratic legislature hell-bent on growing government, but managed to make serious reforms that should shame Palin.

  5. I am with you W.E. I want so bad to think she will do great things for us, but as much as I do think she is better than most, I am starting to wonder, and frankly tire of her just a little. neverless, the liberals are terrified of her, and that is worth something.

  6. She does concern me greatly. Her nomination by the GOP would make the tea party irrelevant and the GOP impotent.