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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scrapped Experimental Forum, Installed A New (Traditional-Style) Forum

So that first forum I set up seems not to have generated very much interest. Judging from the feedback I've been getting, there were too many holes in the user experience, and people just wanted a traditional, threaded forum that didn't restrict you to 140 characters.

Like any good capitalist who wants to please his customers, I have responded to consumer demand and dismantled the old forum and replaced it with a more traditional one (because if my website goes under do to poor responsiveness to your needs, the government won't bail me out). And I'm actually pretty thrilled with the result!

Sorry for making you endure that first one. This second one should rock. You can simply click the "Message Forum" link above or go here now to visit the forum and start participating! This is going to be fun, because I want all of you to be able to start discussions and guide the direction of the conversation too.

See you there!

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