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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tea Party Should Choose Policy over Personality

From my most recent update at Governor Gary Johnson's Our America Initiative:

"While someone may have a good personality, a personality that seems conservative, down-to-earth, and middle-American; while a politician on stage might say everything you agree with and believe deep down in your heart; while that person may strongly affirm all of your principles… he or she might not really believe in them.

Is it so hard to think that a politician might capitalize on the tea party movement by telling us what we want to hear? Is it so impossible to believe that a politician would lie? There’s only one way to find out if someone believes what they say, and will truly work to advance your principles in our government: and that is to carefully examine this person’s past policies.

We can not- we absolutely must not take politicians at their word when they affirm limited government, individual liberty, and Constitutional rule of law. In truth they always affirm these things on the campaign trail (in both parties) because these are the things most Americans want. The truth lies in how they’ve governed or legislated in the real world. We can find this out by looking at past records."

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