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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video: Rand Paul, Trey Grayson Debate

Video of U.S. Senate Candidate Rand Paul debating his Republican Primary opponent, Trey Grayson in Kentucky. We'll let you decide who won this argument. Visit Rand Paul's website here.


  1. See, this is interesting. Because if I've never seen these candidates before, Grayson's saying the "right" things. He's calm. Paul's getting upset and whiney.

  2. Yeah- I see what you're saying. Grayson is very polished.

    This year though is unlike any other year in recent electoral history. Perhaps sounding upset will appeal to a very upset voting populace- tap into their present state of mind.

    At the end- the finger wagging was a bad thing. Reminds people of Clinton too much. I hope his campaign manager told him to try not to do that. (Especially since Trey Grayson was a Clinton delegate and Democrat back in those days.)