Sunday, April 25, 2010

Video: Ron Paul Defends Libertarians

On Hardball with Chris Matthews, Ron Paul answers objections to libertarian ideas in a fantastic interview.

Does Ron Paul snub Sarah Palin?

Listen at the very end, 9:00 minutes into the video. Chris Matthews asks if Palin could be president "by her abilities" and Ron Paul says, "Oh sure, just look at the past history- almost anybody can become president." Matthews seems to think Paul is saying something positive about Palin, but it sounded kind of like a snub to me, albeit a carefully worded one.


Peter said...

I agree.

But it looks to me like Chris Matthews understood that.

Great interview, on Ron Paul's half- I just get irritated with his ( Chris Matthew's) constant interrupting and switching of the topic.

W. E. Messamore said...

They always do it. Irritates the crap out of me too. They is to have a laser-like focus, not get distracted, and really make them explicate and defend the system they're standing for.

To me, the one willing to lock someone in a cage for something (whether it's a personal decision about what to put in one's own body, or a personal decision about how to use one's own funds) is the one with the burden of proof.

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