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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why Rand Paul Will Win in Kentucky

From an exclusive I wrote for the Republican Liberty Caucus:

Now Rand leads all his major challengers in state-wide polls, is closing in on $3 million in funds raised, and has the endorsements of big names like Sarah Palin, Steve Forbes, and Reagan PAC. How did Rand Paul’s campaign manage to gain so much ground, putting it in striking distance of electoral victory?

Because my grandma supports him. The secret to Rand Paul’s success is not that he resonates with people like me, but that he resonates with people like my grandmother. I’m a young, enthusiastic libertarian Republican; she’s a traditional, conservative, Reagan Republican- and Rand Paul’s message speaks to her.

Read the whole thing here.


  1. You hit the nail on the head. Some Ron Paul supporters keep railing against Rand Paul for mainstream rhetoric especially on foreign policy but you have to incrementally change people's minds which requires some rhetorical finessing that Rand successful executes.

    I am so proud of him and the movement as a whole.