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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FreedomFest SFL Scholarship Deadline

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Opportunity: Don't miss out on FreedomFest this Summer. Students can even apply for a Students for Liberty Scholarship to pay for registration and housing. More details below...

FreedomFest “is an annual festival where “free minds meet” to celebrate “great books, great ideas, and great thinkers” in an open-minded society. It is independent, non-partisan, and not affiliated with any organization or think tank.” With speakers such as John Mackey (President of Whole Foods), Dr. Alan Charles Kors (Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), and Steve Forbes (Chairman and CEO of Forbes), the conference is packed with leaders of liberty speaking to inspire and educate attendees.

Located in Las Vegas, NV, the conference is held in perhaps the most pro-liberty city in the world. FreedomFest 2010 is being held from July 8-11 at Bally’s Hotel.

SFL’s Advanced Leadership Seminar

This year, SFL will have a strong presence at FreedomFest by hosting our first Advanced Leadership Seminar during the conference. This seminar is meant to provide high-level training to some of SFL’s most dedicated and high-potential students at an event that also offers incredible networking opportunities. The Advanced Leadership Seminar will include:

  • Daily training sessions designed to prepare students for leadership
  • Student Proposals to help the student movement for liberty
  • Networking with other leaders of the liberty movement
  • Post-conference support

This seminar is open to any student attending FreedomFest and the sessions will be available to any individual at FreedomFest. If you would like to attend the SFL Advanced Leadership Seminar at FreedomFest without the SFL scholarship please email Clark Ruper at

SFL Scholarships

- Application Deadline: Friday, May 7th -

In addition to providing the Advanced Leadership Seminar at FreedomFest, SFL will be awarding 15 student scholarships to attend the seminar at FreedomFest this summer. These scholarships will include FreedomFest registration and housing during the conference for all scholarship recipients, and a travel stipend for select applicants. Note: not all expenses at the conference (such as food) will be covered so recipients have a vested interest in the seminar, but all major expenses at the conference have been accounted for by SFL.

Anyone who will be a college student in Fall 2010 may apply for the SFL Scholarship to FreedomFest. Ideal candidates will be students who have already contributed to the student movement for liberty in some way and have the intention and potential to make more significant contributions to the student movement for liberty. The scholarship application reflects this.

Click here to apply for the SFL Scholarship to FreedomFest

The deadline for application is Friday, May 7th at 11:59 Eastern Time. Here is the full timeline for the scholarships:

April: Apply
May: Accepted students prepare proposals
June: Pre-FreedomFest Webinars
July: FreedomFest

To register for FreedomFest without the Students For Liberty Scholarship visit

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