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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Headline Roundup (5/29/10)

Today's headline roundup includes more questions and no new answers in Obama's evolving SestakGate scandal, another exception to Obama's transparency promises, child fingerprinting in the U.K. to check out library books, an indictment of the party duopoly's "mainstream" insanity, a touching video, two examples of Anti-Constitutionalism, the rightful pardon of two homosexuals jailed in Malawi for the "crime" of getting engaged, and 25 years of lies from the Associated Press.

  • More questions and no new answers in the brewing "SestakGate" scandal- allegations that the Obama Administration made an illegal job offer as a bribe to Congressman Joe Sestak in exchange for not challenging Obama-supporter Arlen Specter in the recent Democratic U.S. Senate primary.
  • Transparency- not: Remember back when people actually took Obama's transparency promises seriously? More stonewalling from the White House- this time on inquiries into the causes of the global economic crisis.
  • Police State: Children as young as four being fingerprinted to borrow books from the library in the United Kingdom.
  • Who you calling crazy? Glenn Greenwald argues that the "mainstream" two-party orthodoxy is full of plenty of crazy ideas, and that "mainstream" criticisms of "fringe" politics are fundamentally unserious. It's also a very sober look at the quite sane, very reasonable politics of Congressman Ron Paul. A must read.
  • This video will move you to tears: An 8 month old baby hears for the first time as his cochlear implant is turned on. We live in a truly amazing world. Technology and human imagination made it possible.
  • Pleading the First: Cops detain Colorado man for wearing "Yes We Cannabis" t-shirt at local mall. Details here and here.
  • Malawi Pardon's jailed gay couple: "A gay couple jailed in Malawi after getting engaged have been pardoned by President Bingu wa Mutharika."

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