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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Can the Tea Partiers Pick Palin Over Paul?

I was happily surprised to see that in a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, Ron Paul was trailing Obama by only 1 point in a hypothetical 2012 national election, 42%-41%.

That’s why I was mortified to then learn that Ron Paul also trails one point behind Sarah Palin in a hypothetical 2012 primary poll, conducted as an exit poll by Politico at the Tax Day protest at the National Mall. These are tea-partiers Politico was polling!

And now I have no idea what this tea party is made up of. I know it’s grown from where it started. I know it’s become more than just a rebellion against stimulus bills and federal encroachment. But, has it completely been overrun by the mainstream Republican party?

I simply don’t understand how these people, obviously shaken somewhat by the fear of federal growth, think that Sarah Palin has enough conviction in her obviously still-evolving beliefs to stop or even slow this growth a little.

And I’m an optimistic guy. I mean, the Paul-Obama poll got me giddy. But, c’mon…Palin?

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