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Friday, May 2, 2008

Join The Humble Libertarian

Time for Action

Ideas don't have consequences.
Actions do.

It's time to do something. No more complaining on the Internet. No more feeling helpless as you watch Congress take over and destroy another entire industry. Do something about it right now!

Join The Humble Libertarian and
you will get exclusive e-mails with:

  • Valuable training to make you a more effective storyteller. Just imagine your friends, families, and co-workers all fired up about liberty, complaining about the latest scheme Congress is trying to foist on us, and enlisting their friends, families, and co-workers in the fight for liberty!
  • Time-sensitive calls to action that will help you combine your voice with hundreds of other libertarians to influence Congress and the media at pivotal moments when it matters most. No more feeling like you have to shout to be heard.
  • Special projects that will help to disseminate the libertarian narrative in creative and powerful ways. Working together, and using the miracle of information age technology, we can ensure that our message takes root.

Joining is absolutely free.

Together we can make a difference.

Click Here To Join

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