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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prison Rape, A National Crisis

From the most recent article at my CAIVN column:

Begging your indulgence for a very delicate question about a very serious and sensitive issue. Who do you picture when you hear the words "rape victim?" How old is the person? What is their gender? Do you imagine a twenty-something, female, college student?

One of the most commonly-used modifiers for the word "rape" is "date" as in "date rape." Other common modifiers are acquaintance rape, spousal rape, and statutory rape, but the most common form of rape in the United States is- prison rape.

Read the whole article here.


  1. Being the prison capitol of the world we should at least be able to hire competent staff. But thinking about it, what kind of person would want to be a prison guard at any pay?

  2. Ditto to Dean...and now...
    I will take my lumps for this incredibly ill advised opinion:
    I think the rape aspect is more of a deterrant to crime than anything else we have in our arsenal. As such I think this is why it is treated with a blind eye. Hard core gangstas don't mind the thought of lockup...they do mind the thought of forced sodomy by a bigger meaner nastier hard core gangsta...
    I bet it keeps a lot of people on the straight and narrow.
    When I was a cub scout we toured a county jail...it kept me on the side of the law, lemme tell you.

  3. Yes I'm going to have to invoke Amendment 8 here.