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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recharge Your Blog On The Cheap With My Sweet & Simple Redesign

Above: part of the new header at My Thoughts on Freedom

Hey folks! As you know- I do a lot of graphic design, web page optimization, and blog consulting for libertarian and conservative bloggers (and a few non-political websites, actually). Typically, this involves a full-blown redesign of someone's website to completely optimize it for accomplishing their goals, along with a lot of personal consulting and coaching, and a big promotional effort to give the blog a nice pop! Examples of blogs I've done this for include LeftCoastRebel, RationalNationUSA, and LibertarianRepublican.

I do this at a pretty ridiculously low rate for web design and creative work (for which people typically charge exorbitant rates), but even so, if you'd like to make your Blogger blog a lot slicker on the cheap, consider my "Sweet & Simple" redesign: a new, professionally-designed banner, removal of your Blogger navbar, and a new favicon to replace that boring and ugly orange "B" with something that expresses your blog's brand and individuality. This takes only one or two hours of work, so you can get amazing results and make your blog ten times more professional- very inexpensively.

I recently did just this for Chris at My Thoughts on Freedom. Check it out! (Oh yeah- and usually when I do work, I like to show it off, so you get some link love as a bonus. I redesigned LeftCoastRebel last year, and still link to it when I make announcements like this, both from here and on the blogs I redesign, so the sooner you get in on the redesign action, the more love you'll get!)