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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing Pot To Fight Terrorism

A man busted for growing marijuana in Trousdale County, TN said he was helping the country fight terrorism. Authorities found 283 plants at a house last week. They have not released the suspect's name, but the sheriff said the man told him he had seen former President George W. Bush once say that people who buy drugs off the street were supporting terrorism, so he decided to grow his own.

What is interesting here is the hypocrisy of the government. I am not a pot user, but the guy has a point. Do you remember all of the “Victory Gardens” from previous wars? And don’t forget that the federal government actually put out a propaganda film entitled “Hemp For Victory”.

Needless to say that the drug policies in this country are unconstitutional, the antithesis of freedom, and downright absurd.

Matt Collins, Regular Columnist
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