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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Headline Roundup (6/10/10)

Today's headline roundup includes a look at the Congressman who voted to limit the liability of oil companies in 1990, good chances of a Ron Paul 2012 run, a libertarian version of The Drudge Report, proof that freedom is popular, Penn Jillette's thoughts on politicians, hostilities with Mexico, global politics and soccer, a fascinating study on relationships, the college tuition bubble, and a really "kick ass" Obama song.

Cross posted from Young Americans for Liberty:

  • Ron Paul 2012? Jesse Benton says "there is a decent likelihood that he will" run for the Republicans' nomination in 2012. (Note: YAL does not endorse political candidates, only ideas.)
  • Penn Jillette wishes more politicians would say what they believe and not just what they think we want to hear. (F-bomb alert: It's Penn- possibly not safe for work.)
  • Hostilities with Mexico? FBI says Mexican soldiers used rifles to chase off U.S. Border Patrol.
  • Interesting: "Contrary to popular belief, the ups and downs of romantic relationships have a greater effect on the mental health of young men than women, according to a new study by a Wake Forest University sociology professor."
  • The College Tuition Bubble: Eight reasons to believe that one exists and is going to burst soon.

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