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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Headline Roundup (6/2/10)

Today's headline roundup includes New York state's debt crisis, the soaring costs of Canada's health care system (get ready for it, America), Dick Morris' harsh critique of Obama, a New York school boy's struggle for religious freedom, forced sterilizations of women in Africa, and Obama's "glamour problem."

Cross posted from Young Americans for Liberty:

  • Yikes: "New York state delayed paying $2.5 billion of bills as a short-term way of staying solvent but its cash crunch could get even worse in August and September, Budget Director Robert Megna said on Tuesday."
  • Pay Attention, America: Soaring costs force Canada to reassess health model - "Pressured by an aging population and the need to rein in budget deficits, Canada's provinces are taking tough measures to curb healthcare costs, a trend that could erode the principles of the popular state-funded system."
  • Harsh! Dick Morris says Obama doesn't have a clue: "And the truth begins to dawn on all of us: Obama has no more idea how to work his way out of the economic mess into which his policies have plunged us than he does about how to clean up the oil spill that is destroying our southern coastline."
  • Forced sterilizations: "Supporters of three HIV-positive women in Namibia who say they were sterilized without their consent held protests to support the women's decision to sue the government, a legal aid group said Wednesday."

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