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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Headline Roundup (6/22/10)

In today's headline roundup, Thomas Sowell thinks America is on the road to tyranny, a parkway built with stimulus funds has actually been named "President Barack Obama Parkway," General McChrystal is in trouble, American tax money in the hands of Afghan warlords and even Taliban insurgents, a tale of two disasters, Obama's obstructionism, Apple's privacy issues, Elena Kagan's awful gaffe, more evidence that gun control does not work, shenanigans in Congress, advice on home ownership versus renting, and two fine pieces by two fine libertarian institutes.

Cross posted from Young Americans for Liberty:

  • Too soon? Road built with stimulus funds named "President Barack Obama Parkway."

  • Fired? Gen. Stanley McChrystal summoned to Washington to explain anti-administration comments.

  • Your taxes at work: U.S. funding of a massive protection racket in Afghanistan indirectly pays tens of millions of dollars to warloards, corrupt public officials, and even the Taliban itself.

  • A Tale of Two Disasters: "Bush was blamed for local failures after Katrina. Obama got a free ride for weeks as federal failures mounted during the Gulf spill."

  • Elena Kagan says the Bork hearings were the best thing to ever happen to Constitutional Democracy.

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