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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Headline Roundup (6/23/10)

In today's headline roundup, the Federal government finds more ways to halt the recovery in Louisiana, yet another plane gets stranded on a tarmac for hours in hellish conditions, we learn one more reason Elena Kagan does not belong on the Supreme Court, a new album entitled "Why Every President Sucked" makes its debut, Nikki Haley breaks the glass ceiling for multiple minorities (including self-described libertarians), and more!

Cross-posted from Young Americans for Liberty:

  • Stay out of our way! Federal goverment halts sand berm dredging in Louisiana, a technique that creates barriers to protect the coastline from oil.
  • Why does this keep happening? Passengers forced to remain on a plane for hours as it waited on the tarmac in sweltering 100 degree tempertures because the generators broke and there was no air conditioning. There were babies on the plane. People were fainting.
  • Elena Kagan at odds with Obama's promises of transparency. (Which isn't such a big deal, because so it Obama.)
  • Nikki Haley, a self-described "libertarian" wins GOP nomination for South Carolina governor despite attacks on her race, religion, and sexuality. (YAL does not endorse candidates for public office)

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