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Friday, June 4, 2010

An interview with Wayne Allyn Root

Via the Independent Political Report: 2006-2008 Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair Chuck Moulton recently posed 10 questions for LNC Chair candidate (and 2008 LP Vice Presidential nominee) Wayne Root. Root today gave his answers, below. (Moulton later posted an admission that if he had known his questions would turn into IPR articles, he would have phrased the last question more diplomatically.) These questions were earlier answered by Chair candidate George Phillies here. Root answered an earlier set of 10 questions for him here. Chair candidate Ernest Hancock says he will be answering these 10 questions for him in a DVD mailed to delegates for the May 28-31 LP convention. More IPR coverage of the LNC Chair race is here.

Read Wayne Allyn Root's answers here.

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