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Monday, June 14, 2010

Video: Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge Attacks Student

In this video, Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge actually assaults a student, refusing to let go of his wrist and grappling with him around his neck. The sitting congressman repeatedly asks the students "Who are you?" but PowerLineBlog asks the question right back at him: "Who do these people think they are?" Gods, PowerLineBlog, these people think they're gods and that they can do anything they want.

David Weigel writes that: "They seem to have learned from organizations such as ThinkProgress that any video of a member acting strangely, no matter how grainy, is grist for the Web." Um... I think strangely is a bit of an understatement for assault. I think this is a video of the house member acting criminally.

Ironic: Check out Congressman Bob Etheridge's history of campaign contributions and you'll find that the number one contributor over his career has been the American Association for Justice, which is the leading organization for lawyers who defend plaintiffs. Maybe one of their guys will defend these students if they decide to bring a suit or file criminal charges against Etheridge. Money well spent, AAJ. Money well spent.

Oh yeah- and the Teamsters have been his number three contributor... now the thuggery makes more sense.

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