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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elitism Roundup: Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and the Chelsea Clinton Wedding

Michelle Malkin charges that there's a culture of corruption at the apex of American power in Washington D.C. -and who could disagree? As news headlines flash on my screen while I work today, I can't help but feel like this quiet, sunny Saturday bears deep historic significance and omens for the future of our nation.

Today American families worried about their futures, tens of thousands of people searched desperately in vain for work, and those of us who are fortunate enough to have work, did it quietly and thankfully, or humbly enjoyed some rest from their work on their Saturday off.

Meanwhile corruption charges mount against powerful, privileged, and wealthy elites on Capitol Hill; Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters, the politicians that face those charges, behave with indifference and brazen contempt; and a former U.S. President and sitting Secretary of State lavish millions of dollars on their daughter, Chelsea Clinton's wedding.

The difference between America and Washington could not be more stark. Today while honest, hard-working Americans either struggled desperately or gratefully managed to avoid the spreading economic ruin, dishonest and privileged Washington elites like Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel sneered at their corruption charges while others celebrated and had their fill at the Chelsea Clinton wedding.

Congressman Rangel's situation is so bad that even Mr. Obama has finally thrown him under the bus, telling CBS News that it's time for Rangel to end his career "with dignity." But nothing is dignified about swindling a nation. And what does Rangel stand to lose for his ethics violations?

Nothing. The New York Post is reporting that a House ethics subcommittee has recommended that Rangel be reprimanded, which is the least severe punishment he could face. When Americans break laws, we pay for them. When Washington elites like Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters break laws- they get away with it.

If you need any more proof that the Washington elite don't have to face the consequences of their actions, observe that amid this ethics investigation, Charles Rangel has even had the audacity to plan a lavish birthday bash (M) at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan next month, with $200, $500, $1,000, and $2,500 tickets to raise money for his re-election to Congress this November.

And as if it couldn't get more embarrassing for Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who claimed that hers would be the "most ethical Congress in history," yet another powerful, senior member of Congress has become embroiled (M) in an ethics scandal of her own- Representative Maxine Waters of California:

"A House ethics subcommittee has charged Ms. Waters, 71, a 10-term congresswoman, in a case involving communications that she had with the top executive of a bank that her husband owned stock in while it was applying for a federal bailout in 2008, two House officials said."

And those Washington elites who weren't swatting away ethics charges this weekend were enjoying the millions of dollars lavished on the expensive Chelsea Clinton wedding. An eloquent reminder of Washington hypocrisy is that Hillary Clinton, a social-justice Methodist who claims to represent the interests of the working class poor, has a daughter walking around with an engagement ring estimated to be worth a million dollars on her left hand.

Any middle class or poor American who still wants to believe that self-described progressives like the Clintons actually care about the rest of our living conditions needs only to sit back on this quiet Saturday afternoon and observe what is happening in Washington D.C. and New York State. There is a culture of corruption at the top, and there are two Americas- one for the Washington elite and one for the rest of us.

Libertarian Candidate for US Congress "Panhandles" for Donations

Rob McNealy, the Libertarian Party's candidate for U.S. Congress representing Colorado's sixth district, "panhandled" for donations Wednesday on the southwest corner exit ramp of 1-225 and Parker road in Colorado, calling the event "an unorthodox fundraising event."

McNealy says: “In these tough times, raising campaign money is a very tough proposition, therefore we decided to take fundraising right to the people in a very direct way.”

About Rob McNealy

Rob McNealy, is a small business owner and community activist. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Geography and Marketing from Central Michigan University, and his MBA from Colorado State University. Rob and his wife Kristie McNealy, MD moved from the Midwest and settled in Colorado a decade ago to fulfill their dream of living in the Rocky Mountain West. Together, they run their family business and homeschool their four children while enjoying the Colorado lifestyle.

For more information:

W. E. Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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San Francisco city planners surfed porn at work

"Amid the fallout after Californians discovered that Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo earned nearly $800,000 a year, and would receive an extravagant $600,000 a year pension upon retirement, golden state residents everywhere are alarmed.

With the state and most local governments facing a desperate financial crisis, Californians are outraged at anything they perceive as a wasteful use of the state's resources by privileged government bureaucrats.

That's what made the bizarre pornographic images unearthed by SF Weekly Tuesday all the more shocking."

W. E. Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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Voluntary Green Action

Here I begin the first of a series about voluntary environmentalism, about people and organizations that are repairing the planet without any force compelling them to do so. Undoubtedly Earth is a wreck, but state imposed solutions are not the answer. Let's see who is making a difference within a grassroots, force-free framework.

Today we look at the Isha Foundation’s Project GreenHands.

“Trees are our closest relationship. What they exhale, we inhale. What we exhale, they inhale. This is a constant relationship that nobody can afford to break or live without.”

As said by Indian mystic and guru Sahdguru. He’s certainly right too. Anthropogenic global warming may well be a crock, but trees are very important. What's beautiful though, is that while many would petition the state to plant trees, institute regulations, or even wait on someone else saying, “Somebody oughta …”, Sahdguru and his Isha Foundation (which also teaches yoga and inner wellbeing) took it upon themselves to create 10% additional green cover in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India by planting 114 million trees over the course of 10 years. How’s that for voluntary human action?

Since October 17, 2006 2 million volunteers have planted 8.2 million trees in Tamil Nadu, increasing the state’s green cover from 17% to 21% in just four years. The goal is to restore green cover to 33% by 2016. In fact, Project Green Hands has been so successful that the organization and its founder Sahdguru J Vasudev was awarded the Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar (IGPP) for 2008 by the Government of India “in recognition of the outstanding contributions made by PGH in creating environmental awareness and reversing ecological degradation.”.

No force or compulsion made these 2 million people better this Earth, and now a government is honoring them for showing what the average person, not the state, can do when they take personal responsibility for themselves. When people realize that no one else is going to fix the problems that they face they begin to take responsibility for their communities, their countries, and indeed the whole world. To build a libertarian society, indeed, we will need more organizations like Project Green Hands.

If you wish to enable the volunteer based, donation funded, Project GreenHands, you are more than welcome to get rid of some Federal Reserve notes in exchange for some trees that they will plant. Who ever thought that paper could turn back into a tree!

Eric Sharp
, Regular Columnist
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Libertarian Contest - I'm Giving Away Free Silver and TRILLIONS of Dollars! Seriously.

Yes I am giving away free silver and trillions of dollars (in Zimbabwe currency)! If you'll note on the sidebar to the right, The Humble Libertarian is edging its way toward 400 subscribers, but I'd rather not just go past 400 subscribers: I want to blow past 400 subscribers!

So to that end I am giving away (-technically this contest's awesome sponsors are giving away) three sweet prizes to new subscribers (if you are already subscribed, there are still other ways for you to enter the contest- just read on):

Third Place - Peter Schiff's New Book

Yes, that's correct! One lucky winner will get a free copy of Peter Schiff's new book (courtesy of the book's publisher, Wiley), How An Economy Grows and Why It Crashes.

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This prize is being provided courtesy of End the FED Coin.

GRAND PRIZE - .999 Fine Silver, 1 oz. End the FED COIN

This gorgeous and clever 1 oz. silver coin says "End the FED" on one side and features a minted graph of the dollar's decline on the other side. Do not pass up this opportunity to win a free ounce of fine silver in the form of an awesome libertarian coin from the End the FED Coin Project!

How To Enter

The deadline for entry is at the end of the day on Sunday, August 8th. I will be doing a drawing for the prizes. There are three ways to enter:

1. Subscribe to The Humble Libertarian's free daily updates, which deliver a summary of all this blog's articles to your inbox each day. Subscribe by entering your e-mail below and hitting subscribe. You'll get an e-mail notification from Feedburner (my subscription service)- don't forget to open this e-mail and activate your subscription!

Enter your email address:

2. Join The Humble Libertarian's small army of savvy, information age, libertarian activists here. What you'll get is free, exclusive e-mails with valuable training and talking points to make you a more effective advocate for libertarian ideas; time sensitive calls to action that will help you to actually do something for the cause of liberty and combine your efforts with those of other like-minded patriots to make a real difference; exclusive offers and opportunities that I do not publish to this blog; and special projects that will help advance the cause in creative and powerful ways!

3. E-mail your friends, family, co-workers, etc. (be sure to carbon copy me!) to tell them about The Humble Libertarian with a link to this contest. You'll get one entry for each person you e-mail (limit of 5)- so the people who e-mail five of their friends will be the ones most likely to win the Peter Schiff book, fine silver coin, or trillions of dollars!

The Legal Stuff
  • I will need a name and shipping address for winners so that my sponsors can ship you your prizes, and when I announce the winners on this blog, I will announce them by first name and state or city only.
  • I will be contacting you at the e-mail address you make available to me via any of the three means of entry above. So if you subscribe to my daily updates, join my exclusive mailing list, or carbon copy me to e-mails you write your friends about this blog and its contest- be sure to use an e-mail address where I can reach you to announce that you've won.
  • I reserve the right to amend the terms of the contest as necessary. I'm sure that won't happen (and so far hasn't for the three contests I've run here), but it never hurts to say so in writing just in case.

So what are you waiting for? Start racking up those entries!

W. E. Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL

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Monday, July 26, 2010

One CRAZY Ride!

Hey Readers!

Just wanted to address you personally for a minute and let you know what's been going on with me lately. You may have noticed posting has gotten a little sporadic over the last two weeks and that's a good and bad thing.

It's a bad thing because I am committed to getting you the best quality, daily updates, commentary, and analysis on news and politics as well as direct you to activities that will put us one step closer to living in the freest, most open, most peaceful, most prosperous society possible to us.

I also have a great staff of volunteer contributors which I appreciate very much, and I'm still learning and figuring out how to be a good editor, and how to properly review, edit, and publish their contributions in a timely fashion.

So why's it a good thing?

And what's been up with the sporadic posting lately? I have been busy working hard for the liberty r3volution at a Summer Internship with Young Americans for Liberty. I wasn't super vocal here about getting the internship, other than featuring a lot of the work I've been doing with YAL (like all those videos I've been making for them), but now I want to tell you a little more about it:

This summer, I have been working in Arlington just outside of Washington D.C. at YAL's headquarters and learning more than I ever knew there even was to learn about political organizing, campaigning, activism, and leadership. I just spent the 15th - 19th (not this last weekend, but the preceding one) in North Carolina attending some incredible workshops and learning the sort of secrets that activist groups like local tea parties and political campaigns pay big money to learn from professional consultants and activists.

Then YAL turned me and 40 other youth activists loose on North Carolina to volunteer for a campaign of our choice and apply the knowledge we had just acquired. Most of us chose to work for a Republican tea party candidate challenging a Democratic incumbent for a U.S. House seat. His name is BJ Lawson and you can expect to hear more about him from me in the near future. When THL helped launch Rand Paul's campaign by organizing a $25,000 single day "money bomb" for his then-exploratory committee, we made history together. BJ Lawson is going to be my next project.

(Here's some more info on the North Carolina trip.)

Burnout: My experience with YAL has been invaluable. The tools I learned will no doubt improve the effectiveness of THL. But only for the first month or so was I able to successfully manage growing a top libertarian website (and a web development / blog consulting business) full-time while also doing a full-time internship with YAL. As the summer got even busier with the recent North Carolina trip (and now an upcoming youth leadership convention), I've started to experience burnout and keep putting off important projects that I want to launch here... but I am determined to rally and finish the summer out strong.

My internship with Young Americans for Liberty has been one of the most important things I have ever done in my life. If you are a student, JOIN your college or high school's Young Americans for Liberty chapter and get involved! If there isn't a chapter, start one! If you're not a student, e-mail me and ask me how you can help. I will say unequivocally that building a youth liberty movement on our nation's college campuses is the single most important thing we can do to advance the cause of liberty.

Big Announcement:

As for the future, I now have a big decision ahead of me: try to continue working in the political non-profit world to advance liberty, or take the leap into full-time self-employment as a political blogger, the administrator of this website, and a web developer and consultant for libertarian, conservative, and center-right bloggers and web activists.

And I think I'm going to do it!

Starting in August or September at the latest, I'm going to take an incredibly scary, yet exciting risk and try to grow The Humble Libertarian full time into the news and activism leader on the Internet that I know it can be. We've already accomplished so much and grown so fast without my full-time attention and work (I've been alternatively a full-time college student, restaurant server, and intern while growing this website since 2008).

Just imagine what we can accomplish if I take the leap into full time management of The Humble Libertarian! I'm going to need your help though. Please keep reading and sharing the content we publish here. Please keep spreading the word about us. And if you are one of those generous souls who has donated to or even signed up for a monthly contribution to support THL's mission, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I will guarantee you that any more support you can offer in that regard, especially to help me get started grow explosively over the next five months (which are going be crucial to the ultimate success and sustainability of the liberty community I'm trying to build around this website) will make a lasting impact on the direction of our nation and world.

(And for what it's worth, your support will mean more to me personally than you could ever know!)

I'm so serious, that I will guarantee you a refund of any contributions you send if you find in five months that this website hasn't made the strides you expected it to, or had the impact that you'd hoped it would. While I do have the credentials and experience to apply for a good position advancing our cause at a political non-profit, and while that's definitely the safest choice (and oh so tempting!)... I just don't want to abandon all of you by continuing to give you only the second best of my time, work, leadership, and creative energy.

As I make this transition please help me get started with your most generous contribution, and I promise you'll be planting the seeds of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

Thank you so very much!

For Liberty,
Wes Messamore

W. E. Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL

PS: If you still have any doubts, read what some of THL's supporters had to say with their contribution:

  • I'm so glad I found your blog. I've learned a lot over the last 8 months of following you. Good luck in all your endeavors!
  • I like just about everything you have to say. It is spoken/written with, what I believe to be, common sense. With the state our country is in, anyone with common sense should be encouraged
  • Love your show Wes! Great interview with Michael Boldin too! I just signed up as a monthly contributor. It's not much, but if everybody who listens did it, you know what could be achieved! Keep up the great work.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

California Governor Race: Jerry Brown calls for Schwarzenegger-style pension reform

"Earlier this week, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown released one of the few specific policy proposals of his campaign. Republican opponent Meg Whitman has criticized Brown for being too vague on his plan to reform California's struggling government. Now he's hitting back with a plan to curb the exploding cost of state worker pensions, and it sounds an awful lot like the key elements of deals Governor Schwarzenegger has negotiated with the state's unions."

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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Friday, July 23, 2010

What Would Reagan Do?

'On Monday, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill to plan celebrations for what would have been Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday next year, and another bill declaring February 6th as Ronald Reagan day. Nationwide, conservatives have been pining for their "next Reagan" to lead America out of its economic woes and toward a vision of limited government and individual liberty.

It might be worth considering the answer- on a state level- to a question that is oft-repeated by conservatives for more national issues of public policy: What would Reagan do?

Ronald Reagan was after all, the Governor of California before he became "The Great Communicator" of conservative ideas on a national level, as President of the United States. He came in as a Sacramento-outsider during an unpopular war and with a substantial fiscal mess to clean up (though not quite the abject budget crisis California faces today). Are there any lessons to be gleaned from Reagan's tenure in Sacramento?

Let's have a look.'

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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Video: Declaration of Independence Speech

This video rocks. They can say what they want about crazy "Tea Baggers" dressed in colonial-era garb and giving impassioned speeches. They can laugh and make fun of us. Whatever. I don't care. I love this sort of thing. Hope you do too:

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Video: What's Racist About Balanced Budgets?

In my most recent Op Ed video, I take a look at the NAACP's absurd claim that the Tea Party is racist, examining the issues that really matter to the Tea Party, and showing how they have nothing at all to do with race. This is a video that I can't believe I actually had to make.

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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What Would Economic Recovery Look Like?

Because I'm confused about what we're shooting for.

Is it a specific unemployment metric? And if so, should we revert back to Bush policies that had us near 4%? Or are we not comfortable with relative zero unemployment unless median salary goes up in the process?

Is it consumer confidence? Which is largely affected by how you think your neighbor is doing, and typically more pessimistic than reality?

Is it the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Are we looking to crack 12,000? 14,000?

Because your solutions are stimulus bills. New regulations. Subsidies. Tariffs. Tightened trade agreements. All in the name of "help". The problem is, I'm not sure what they're supposed to be "helping" us get to.

By: Eric Olsen, Regular Columnist
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Liberty Studies Master Degree Now Available At University of Illinois!

Here's an awesome opportunity for a libertarian with a bachelor's degree: You can now get your Master's Degree in Liberty Studies online from the University of Illinois at Springfield, which is ranked as the fourth best public master's university in the Midwest according to the 2009 Edition of America's Best Colleges by U.S. News and World Report.

According to UIS's Center for Liberty Studies:

Earn a Master's Degree in Liberty Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield. For over 30 years the Department of Liberal and Integrative Studies has offered students the opportunity to formulate their own degree plan and name their own degree. A brief list of courses on liberty include: Radical Capitalism, Philosophy of Business, Liberty Studies, Revolutions and Liberty, and Social Philosophy.

What is Liberty Studies?

Liberty Studies is an inter-disciplinary field of inquiry dedicated to understanding the foundations, meanings, and implications of what it is to be free. It poses the fundamental question of "What can I do with my life?" It questions the power of institutions and the legitimacy of the constraints they impose. It explores freedom and liberty from multiple perspectives, including minorities and women in our own culture, and indigenous peoples of other times and places. Liberty Studies examines the costs and benefits of free human interaction, the need of naturally social animals to be left alone, and ultimately wrestles with the questions of what freedom and liberty are and should be.

Update: If you have a blog of your own, promote the new Liberty Studies Master's Degree program at the University of Illinois, and e-mail this guy about it... you'll probably get some good publicity for your blog from their social media.

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rules for Racists

A textbook tactic of statist radicals in America is the systematic character assassination of their enemies as racists. Loathe to engage their intellectual opponents in a real discussion of the issues, lest the radicals should be perceived for what they are and lose the fight to bring America under their heel, they prefer instead to slander their opponents, to intimidate and shout them down, and to destroy their credibility with whatever lies or twisted propaganda they can muster in a never-ending witch-hunt.

This article originally appeared at Young Americans for Liberty
And has been featured by the Daily Caller

But when actual, genuine racism rears its ugly head within their own ranks (and make no mistake- it very often does), the radical socialists do everything they can to deflect, to distract, to evade, and- laughably- to denounce as racist anybody who points out and criticizes the racism of the radicals. There can be no better example than The Daily Caller's enlightening exposé (M) of a deliberate media conspiracy by Journolist members to ignore the racist rantings of Jeremiah Wright, the pastor at a church Barack Obama attended for two decades:

"According to records obtained by The Daily Caller, at several points during the 2008 presidential campaign a group of liberal journalists took radical steps to protect their favored candidate. Employees of news organizations including Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic participated in outpourings of anger over how Obama had been treated in the media, and in some cases plotted to fix the damage.

In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent urged his colleagues to deflect attention from Obama’s relationship with Wright by changing the subject. Pick one of Obama’s conservative critics, Ackerman wrote, 'Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.'"

Old Saul Alinsky would have been proud. Instead of outrage at Wright's actual racism, a group of ostensibly liberal, tolerant, and mainstream journalists were more concerned about making sure their power grab was successful, making sure their guy got elected. For Alinskyite radicals you see, racism is not the issue. They don't actually care about or mind racism, especially not when it comes from or threatens to undo one of their own. Racism isn't something to stamp out and move past for them; it's a weapon to bludgeon anybody who stands in their way on the march to power. The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the "revolution."

That's why the NAACP actually gave an award (M) to Shirley Sherrod, a USDA official in charge of doling out over one billion dollars in Federal aid to farmers in Georgia, who bragged on camera about only half-heartedly (M) helping a struggling white farmer, referring him instead to "one of his own" (a white lawyer) for help, and using racial preferences in her criteria for doling out the taxpayers' money. (Thank goodness the USDA has forced her resignation (M)).

How could such a thing have happened? Because the NAACP is not interested in putting racism to an end. Instead, it is a weapon of the radical left for smearing and slandering any opponents of the status quo as racist. That's how and why the NAACP can so egregiously reward the racist handiwork of one of its own members, while so absurdly castigating as racist, the Tea Party movement- a mixed bag of Americans that agree about the perils of Washington's fiscal and monetary policy, which has absolutely nothing to do with race.

Need more proof that the race-baiters and witch-hunters don't really mind racism after all, and simply love to use it as a weapon against their political enemies? Take a look at the video of the Brown Beret group that crashed a recent demonstration (M) in California with a bullhorn, shouting: "You're too white. Go back to Europe." Or recall the New Black Panther member who the Obama Administration let off the hook for voter intimidation, who recently shouted in a public demonstration that he hates white people and believes the solution is to kill "crackers" and their babies.

You can expect not to hear much about either of these two stories from the Old Media and its Journolist acolytes. Neither will you hear much about the Journolist conspiracy to sweep the racism of Obama's pastor under the rug and craft a character assassination of someone on "the right" as a distraction, nor the systematic racism of a government bureaucrat and NAACP award recipient in spending taxpayer money to aid struggling farms. You certainly won't hear as much about any of these stories from the Establishment Media as you have heard about the NAACP's asinine denunciation of the Tea Parties as racist.

The Alinskyites have done a swell job of infiltrating and radicalizing the media as a weapon and propaganda tool to subvert the truth, obstruct an open debate, and destroy anyone who dares to show them for what they are; and the false allegation of racism is just one of their many weapons of subversion. But while the Old Media sweeps these examples of genuine racism under the rug, you will hear the truth from bloggers and independent journalists all over the World Wide Web. Thank Gore God for the Internet! And many lauds to Tucker Carlson and Andrew Breitbart!

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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Outrage: The Kelo Case Five Year Later

Last month marked the five year anniversary of Kelo v City of New London, a contested US Supreme Court decision voted 5-4 that allowed eminent domain to be used by the government to force property transfers between two private parties. In this particular case, a homeowner was uprooted from their home so the property could be rented to a private developer for $1.00 a year, with the intent of flushing the city with money, jobs and tax revenue.

Five years later the lot sits vacant, the private developer never obtained funding, and not a dime of revenue was ever generated. Besides thousands of dollars in court costs the next largest publicly paid expense was the relocation and additional compensation of the homeowner. “This is simply another example of how government intrusion, despite whatever story politicians drum up, always involves less liberty for private citizens and is rarely effective and never efficient,” stated Charlie Earl, Libertarian Party Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State.

The first eminent domain case after Kelo v City of New London was decided by the Ohio Supreme Court in 2006. In Norwood v Horney, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the economic benefits to the community did not constitute public use as defined in the Ohio Constitution. This laid the groundwork for states to reject the US Supreme Court findings, and establish public use not only as an economic benefit, but of actual use by the public.

This case shines a light on the negative consequences of giving governments too much power. If a business or a private citizen forced another citizen to enter into a contract against their will, it would be a crime. However, when government forces a citizen into a contract with the government against their will, it is considered allowable under the US Constitution.

By: Mathew Erickson,
Guest Contributor
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Rand Paul on Fox and Friends

In this short interview, Republican U.S. Senate Nominee Rand Paul discusses his platform and the Tea Parties on Fox and Friends (July 13th 2010). Listen closely and you'll notice that everything he proposes is extremely modest, immanently reasonable, and absolutely necessary to sustain the continued existence of our nation.

Photo above by: Gage Skidmore

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Will the Tea Parties turn antiwar?

Here’s a thought experiment: imagine a candidate saying that if we want to balance the federal budget, we need to cut warfare as well as welfare. Throw in some talk about the military-industrial complex. Then try to picture that candidate gaining the support of Sarah Palin, James Dobson, and Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund—en route to winning a closed Republican primary in a Southern state by a landslide margin. With this impressive victory, the candidate becomes the face of the grassroots conservative activists who make up the Tea Party movement.

No experiment is necessary, actually. This describes Rand Paul, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. “[W]e have huge budgetary problems and the Republicans often say, ‘Oh it’s just that welfare queen, if she’d go back to work we’d balance the budget,’” Paul observed during the campaign. “Well, the truth of the matter is, if you look at the numbers, there’s not enough money just in welfare to cut to balance the budget. You have to look at the entire budget, and approximately 40 percent of that budget is military.”

Read the entire article at The American Conservative

Matt Collins, Regular Columnist
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Case for Abolition

Over at Strike the Root, Glen Allport makes the case for abolishing government (and the slavery that he believes necessarily accompanies the existence of government) altogether. Like the Ring of Power from the Lord of the Rings, Allport argues, no one can hold the power that is vested in government without it necessarily corrupting them.

(If Allport is right about government and his analogy is apt, then Ron Paul is Tom Bombadil because power has no influence over him. If you don't catch my reference, you need to dust off your Tolkien and read.)

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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Lieberman: US Prepared to Strike Iran to Stop Nuclear Weapons

The United States may be forced to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities if diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic fail, Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Wednesday after a meeting with Israeli officials in Jerusalem.

Appearing at a news conference with Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain, Lieberman was unusually harsh in his assessment of the Iranian threat. There is a broad consensus in Congress that military force can be used if necessary to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, he said.

Lieberman cited a recent set of sanctions Congress passed against Iran as a potential deterrent. But he insisted that the goal of keeping Iran from becoming a nuclear power will be accomplished "through diplomatic and economic sanctions if we possibly can, through military actions if we must," according to The Associated Press.

Although U.S. officials often say no option should be taken off the table in relation to Iran's nuclear program, this is one of the few times an official of Lieberman's standing has explicitly used the term "military action" while in Israel, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Read the entire article at Newsmax.

Matt Collins, Regular Columnist
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's Racist About Balanced Budgets?

The Internet and blogosphere are abuzz today with discussion of the NAACP's resolution that the Tea Party is racist (e.g. here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here- all via Memeorandum here, here, and here). How predictable! For decades now, any opposition to the progressive expansion of state power, control, and influence is met with accusations of racism.

(Cross posted from Young Americans for Liberty)

But in case you weren't aware (apparently the NAACP wasn't, because we know that it definitely isn't a radicalized tool of the progressive establishment, using patently absurd accusations to attack and intimidate grassroots political activists for challenging the status quo), the size, role, and influence of government have nothing to do with race!

What on earth could possibly be racist about saying we need balanced budgets? Or that our government spends too much? We do need balanced budgets (as it seems axiomatic to me that you have to produce something before you can consume it- that you can't indefinitely spend more than you have to spend)! Washington D.C. does spend too much! What does that have to do with race? Besides- who could disagree?

Does anyone honestly want to raise their hand and say that Washington is not spending too much? Anyone?? Even Mr. Obama agrees to that much. Remember how he and the Democrats tried to sell their perpetual health insurance industry bailout to the American people? They said it was a matter of getting costs under control. They said the fastest-growing part of the budget was medicine, and that we needed to do something to fix it.

The Federal budget isn't just too big; it isn't just out of control... it's insane! It's positively suicidal. It is going to run our nation into the ground if we don't do something to fix it (like spending less money and ignoring the Democrats' arithmetic that says if Washington spends more money, it will somehow reduce deficits).

This Tea Party movement arose out of a frustration at an out-of-touch, out-of-control, out-of-solutions, out-of-money Federal government. Unlike the vague hope and change promised by the Obama campaign in 2007-08, the Tea Partiers had some very specific, very practical, very sane policy proposals to reign Washington in: these were 1) an end to corporate bailouts, 2) a balanced budget, 3) term limits, 4) a "read the bills" act, 5) and a full, public audit of the Federal Reserve bank.

None of that has anything to do with anybody's race! Period. None of it. For goodness' sake, you'd think any honest liberal would have been thrilled that a bunch of white, middle-aged, middle class Christians were standing up and raging against the malfeasance of corporate America, asking for more transparency and accountability, demanding some more regulation and oversight of the world's most powerful and secretive private corporation, and trying to ensure that Congressional seats are more accessible to every day Americans, not just the wealthy, entrenched establishment.

If anything, these policies would all improve the quality of life for racial minorities in America. Bailing out irresponsible corporations with the printing press only rewards the wealthy by punishing the poor with inflation, which causes higher prices at the checkout counter. Rich Wall Street men got money that was stolen from every poor, black family that struggles to buy food, clothes, and diapers.

The bill that made this travesty possible may not have become law if Congress was actually required to read it. Tea Party candidate, Rand Paul proposes a "read the bills" act that would require Congress to wait one day for every 20 pages of legislation. If this had already been law at the time the financial bailout bill was being deliberated, it may not have passed.

You can decide for yourself what the NAACP's real purpose is, but they've made it abundantly clear with their absurd condemnation of the Tea Party as racist, that they are about as relevant today as their name, which includes the now antiquated euphemism "colored people."

If the Tea Party has nothing to do with race, as I've outlined here, the NAACP has still less to do with race, except to wield it as a weapon against any brave challenger of the status quo. I propose a name change to The National Association for the Advancement of Corporate Plutocracy.

A word from Young Americans for Liberty:

Sovereignty ALERT: Obama Opens US Budget to Foreign Peer Review!

"Barack Obama has agreed and signed a document which allows other countries to look at our budget and give recommendations based upon debt, taxes and spending. How much do you want to bet that other countries will tell us that our taxes are not high enough and that we don't spend enough money on health care or social programs?"

Read the entire article at Economy Politics.

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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RAND: Pot Prices Could Plummet Post-Legalization

A new study says legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in California could sharply drive down prices for the drug and possibly undercut the tax windfall that supporters have touted.

The study published Wednesday by the RAND Drug Policy Research Center says "considerable uncertainty" surrounds the state ballot initiative. It would allow adults, 21 and over, to possess an ounce of marijuana and cities and counties to license and tax commercial pot sales.

The authors predict that retail marijuana prices could drop from $375 an ounce under the state's current medical marijuana law to as low as $38 per ounce.

Read the entire article at Newsmax.

Matt Collins, Regular Columnist
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

US Gov Demands Access To European Banking Records!

The European Parliament is to vote on a deal that would allow the U.S. to access information on the bank transfers of European citizens. America says it's a necessary measure to track terror suspects. But critics say the proposal -- that's been discussed between the EU and U.S. for months now -- violates human rights. RT talks to Jan Philipp Albrecht, a Member of the European Parliament.

Matt Collins, Regular Columnist
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Ron Paul iPhone App

Did you know there's a Ron Paul iPhone app? Seriously. If you're an iPhone user, check it out by going to the app store on your iPhone and searching for "Ron Paul app." It's actually pretty cool. There are a few bugs here and there and I'd like for it to be a little faster, but just give the developer a little time.

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Palin, Paul expose rift in Tea Party

"Palin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee, invokes the importance of a strong and robust military in speech after speech, while Paul, the libertarian Republican who rocketed to the national scene during the 2008 presidential race, has long argued for drastic cuts in defense spending.

It's a schism that has long existed within the GOP's fold – between hawkish conservatives and spend-weary Republicans – but one which the Tea Party movement's diverse coalition and varied figure heads have specifically laid bare over the past year."

Read the entire article at CNN.

Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Matt Collins, Regular Columnist
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Libertarian Essay Contests: Cash Prizes

Here are two libertarian essay contests that you should absolutely participate in for fun, to advance the cause, and maybe even to win a little bit of extra money (nothing like the profit motive to get a libertarian going, right?). One is open to anyone over eighteen, and the other is for undergraduate students, recent graduates, and interns in the DC area.

The New Threats to Freedom essay contest:

Summary: Write a short essay (maximum of 500 words) answering this question: "What is an emerging threat to freedom and why is it critical to address it in today's society?"

Prize: $500.

Deadline: August 15, 2010

Requirements: Open to anyone over 18. You have to publish the essay to a blog and then submit it to the contest. If you don't have a blog, but would like to participate, don't fret- I've got your back. I'll publish your essay here at THL so you can enter the contest.

Full details here.

Transform Americas essay contest:

Summary: Choose one of two questions regarding Milton Friedman's ideas and their impact on the economic development of Chile. Write a 2000 word maximum essay to answer the question of your choice.

Prize: 1st place - $1000; 2nd - $700; 3rd - $300

Deadline: July 21, 2010 (Hurry!)

Requirements: Must be an undergrad, recent graduate, or intern in the DC area. Must be an originally, previously unpublished work.

Full details here.

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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