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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Letter From A THL Reader

I just wanted to share the following e-mail that I recently found in my inbox from a THL reader who also decided to join by subscribing to my newsletter. I also want to encourage you to write me whenever you'd like and keep me informed about what you're getting out of this website (whether positive or negative) like this reader did:

I have been drowning in a sea of east coast, uninformed, blind liberals who literally worship Obama for ages now. It is nice to finally connect with others who think with open non-partisan intelligence. Thank you. I have posted some of your videos on my FB though I doubt most of my oh so liberal friends will bother looking at them. They choose to stew in their own ignorance. I might feel the same about so called conservatives, but I am not much around them. Still, I become more conservative in the libertarian sense of the word every day, not in a Republican sense.

And the following was my response:

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and for subscribing to my email newsletter. Hopefully we can get your liberal friends entertaining some more conservative, libertarian ideas in no time!


W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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