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Friday, July 23, 2010

What Would Reagan Do?

'On Monday, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill to plan celebrations for what would have been Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday next year, and another bill declaring February 6th as Ronald Reagan day. Nationwide, conservatives have been pining for their "next Reagan" to lead America out of its economic woes and toward a vision of limited government and individual liberty.

It might be worth considering the answer- on a state level- to a question that is oft-repeated by conservatives for more national issues of public policy: What would Reagan do?

Ronald Reagan was after all, the Governor of California before he became "The Great Communicator" of conservative ideas on a national level, as President of the United States. He came in as a Sacramento-outsider during an unpopular war and with a substantial fiscal mess to clean up (though not quite the abject budget crisis California faces today). Are there any lessons to be gleaned from Reagan's tenure in Sacramento?

Let's have a look.'

W. E. Messamore, Editor in Chief
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