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Monday, August 16, 2010

"Progressive" blogger Matt Yglesias advocates lying

From The Daily Caller: 'Matt Yglesias likes to call his political opponents “dishonest,” but in a revealing exchange on the website Twitter Friday he advocated lying for political purposes.

“Fighting dishonesty with dishonesty is sometimes the right thing for advocates to do, yes,” said Yglesias.

The exchange, with Washington Examiner writer Mark Hemingway, came on the heels of a debate between the two on transportation policy.


On that subject, Yglesias wrote more than a year ago that advocates for high-speed rail may need to present “unrealistically optimistic” ridership estimates to obtain government funding for the projects. “For better or for worse, that’s politics,” Yglesias said then.


In concluding his interview with The Daily Caller, Yglesias said “go [f***] yourself” and hung up the phone.'

W. E. Messamore,
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