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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rand Paul: I'm a Constitutional Conservative, not quite a libertarian

'It's often repeated in stories about me or my race for U.S. Senate that I am a "libertarian." In my mind, the word "libertarian" has become an emotionally charged, and often misunderstood, word in our current political climate. But, I would argue very strongly that the vast coalition of Americans — including independents, moderates, Republicans, conservatives and "Tea Party" activists — share many libertarian points of view, as do I.

I choose to use a different phrase to describe my beliefs — I consider myself a constitutional conservative, which I take to mean a conservative who actually believes in smaller government and more individual freedom. The libertarian principles of limited government, self-reliance and respect for the Constitution are embedded within my constitutional conservatism, and in the views of countless Americans from across the political spectrum.

Our Founding Fathers were clearly libertarians, and constructed a Republic with strict limits on government power designed to protect the rights and freedom of the citizens above all else. Our deep respect for these principles of liberty and the laws that protected them are what allowed America to become the greatest, most prosperous nation in human history.

Other principles shared by libertarians and traditional conservatives will be familiar to most, because they are the story of our greatness.

They include sound money (meaning a dollar that keeps its value over time); a foreign policy of peace through strength, of neither military weakness nor overreaching nation-building; and a government that lives within its means and abides by the limits set forth in the Constitution.

These are the views that unite many conservatives and libertarians. And they form the basis for my campaign this year, one that has struck a chord with Republicans, independents, libertarians, and Tea Party activists.'

Read the entire article by Rand Paul at USA Today.

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